Move over, Sriracha treats and savory ice creams — there’s a new WTF food combo in town! Kit Kat Japan, which is known for rolling out mouth-watering limited edition flavors (like sake and matcha, for instance) has really outdone itself this time: Say hello to — get this — Kit Kat Sushi. Yes, Kit Kat SUSHI!


As reported by Kotaku, Kit Kat opened its very first standalone specialty shop in Tokyo’s posh Ginza district on February 2, and, to celebrate the grand occasion, they rolled out three VERY special sushi-inspired flavors retailing as a kit for 3,000 yen (or about $26). An ode to classic tuna (a raspberry Kit Kat served “on puffed rice covered with white chocolate”), egg (pumpkin pudding flavored rice cakes “covered in white chocolate and wrapped in seaweed”) and uni sea urchin sushi (which features “Hokkaido melon and mascarpone cheese flavored Kit Kats wrapped in seaweed”), the Kit Kat creations don’t taste like their fish counterparts (thank goodness!), but they do look just like them.

Apparently, the idea came about after the company’s rather evil April Fools’ Day last year, which debuted a fake Kit Kat DIY sushi kit via ad. What Nestle wasn’t expecting was for folks to be super into the unconventional idea, prompting Kit Kat Japan to make what once was faux into a reality.

Huh! Who would’ve thunk?

Now. If we could just get a quick lift to Japan…

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(h/t Hello Giggles, photo via Nestle and @futoshijapanese)