For the *true* ice cream aficionado, there is no crazy ice cream combo you wouldn’t give a try, amiright? You HEART ice cream in all its incarnations, from ice cream cakes and ice cream sandwiches to ice cream sodas and, yes, even boozy ice cream cocktails. If this sounds like you, prepare to meet your latest love: savory ice creams. From beer and hops to bacon, queso and sweet potato, here are 20 of the kookiest savory ice cream flavors you’ll ever meet. It takes some daring taste buds to give these flavor combos a whirl, but the payoff is SOOO worth it.


1. Latte Wasabi Pea Crunch Ice Cream Cones: A double shot of espresso with a pop of wasabi is a curious combo, for sure. It’s the sweetness of the vanilla ice cream that makes it work. Salt and sweet is an irresistible combo. (via Poppytalk)


2. Hickory Peach Ice Cream With Candied Bacon: This ice cream is sweet, smokey and absolutely jam-packed with tastiness. It’s like the creamy embodiment of Southern hospitality in a bowl. (via Host the Toast)


3. Sweet Corn Ice Cream: Fresh sweet corn is one of those veggies that no one can get enough of — and this salty buttery ice cream does not disappoint. Serve it with warm blueberry cobbler or peach pie for a dessert that’s *pure* perfection. (via Baking Sense)


4. Black Garlic Ice Cream With Oreo Cookie Crumble: Roasted coffee notes in a garlicky sweet cream goes with crispy chocolate crumbles like a match made in foodie heaven. This recipe builds on a classic custard that’s luscious and rich. (via Chocolate + Marrow)


5. Queso Cheddar Cheese Ice Cream: Volunteer to bring the *queso* to your next game day get-together, then spring this on them. You’ll be everyone’s BFF for sure. (via Junblog)


6. Sriracha Ice Cream: If you love sweet and hot, you’ll swoon over this Sriracha ice cream, topped with salty bacon crumbles. The trifecta of spicy-sugary, salty-sweet, creamy-crunchy will have your tastebuds doing the happy dance. (via Neurotic Baker)


7. Balsamic Roasted Strawberries and Rhubarb: If the sweet-tart balance of strawberry and rhubarb is a longtime fave of yours, you’re gonna love it in this sauce that’s spiked with bourbon and balsamic, then poured over sweet, creamy ice cream. Any leftover sauce would also be delicious paired with grilled chicken or pork chops. (via Bourbon and Honey)


8. Chocolate Chunk Blue Cheese Ice Cream: Strong blue cheese pairs so well with an acidic dark chocolate. Imagine it as a mix-in for your fave vanilla ice cream. It’s pure savory and sweet nirvana! (via A Side of Sweet)


9. No-Churn Buttered Popcorn and Candied Bacon Ice Cream: As if salted buttered popcorn didn’t make a big enough statement, this ice cream boasts candied bacon too. Oh, em, gee — it’s like a triple pow right to the taste buds. (via Chew Town)


10. Rosemary Honey Walnut Ice Cream: Who can resist the woodsy essence of this ice cream combo? The distinctive sweet pine taste of the rosemary is perfectly complemented by golden honey and toasted, buttery almonds. (via Cookbooks 365)


11. Rabri Ice Cream With Beetroot & Raspberry Sauce: Rabri is an Indian dish — a rich pudding made with bread and milk. It’s usually served warm, but this version is churned into a creamy ice cream and served up with a naturally sweet beetroot sauce that is insanely delicious. (via Cookilicious)


12. Brown Bread and Rum Ice Cream: You might think “brown bread in a dessert?” but just think about how much you LOVE cookies and cream. The mixed-in bread crumbs give this ice cream a beautiful texture, and the rum adds a zesty note. (via Cook Republic)


13. Chocolate Porter (or Stout) Ice Cream: This recipe taps into the innate chocolaty goodness of a good strong stout. The deep, rich flavors complement and accentuate the chocolate ice cream and add a malty note that’s utterly delicious. (via Domestic Gothess)


14. Curry Coconut Ice Cream: You might not immediately think of curry and ice cream, but the spice provides an earthy, invigorating and overall sweet effect. Sweet and savory, creamy and spicy — it’s destined to be your new fave dessert. (via Golubka)


15. Grana Padano Cheese Ice Cream: This ice cream is made with double cream, two kinds of cheese and a splash of brandy. It’s extremely versatile and can even be spread on rye bread as an appetizer. If you’re planning to eat it for dessert, add a bit of honey to the mix and you’ll be golden. (via Mondomulia)


16. Hops and Nuts Ice Cream: This ice cream with citra hops makes for one decadent treat. Make this one for the craft beer lover in your life and you’ll be feeling the rays from the emoji heart eyes for sure. (via NY Foodgasm)


17. Vanilla Bean Cardamom Strawberry Ice Cream: Strawberry ice cream never tasted so exotic. The cardamon, vanilla and strawberry make a strangely harmonious trio you’ll savor. (via Savory Simple)


18. Chocolate Candied Bacon Ice Cream: A double scoop of this chocolate candied bacon ice cream will cure anything that ails you. Kick up your feet with a bowl of this at the end of a busy day and feel your cares melt away with every spoonful. (via Snixy Kitchen)


19. No Churn Chinese Five Spice Ice Cream: You’ve probably never thought about Chinese five spice in a dessert before, but the mix of star anise, cloves, Chinese cinnamon, Sichuan pepper and fennel seeds is the embodiment of savory and sweet. ‘Nuff said. (via Sugar & Soul)


20. Vegan Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream: Save room for dessert, because this one’s worth waiting for. Filipino foodies in the know have been cooling down with *halo halo* for years. Now isn’t it time you gave it a try? (via Wallflower Kitchen)

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