How’s that spring cleaning going? Avoiding it in favor of two back-to-back brunches? Sounds familiar. But here’s the thing, you might already have the things you need to start getting organized. Here are 40 brilliant ways to repurpose, sort, store, and tidy, all in the name of organization.

1. Palette Jewelry Display: Paint palettes aren’t just for paint anymore. (via Martha Stewart)

2. Cell Phone Charging Holder: We love the idea of keeping this in our purse so you can charger wherever and whenever. (via Make It & Love It)

3. Washi Cord Organizers: Of course, we couldn’t come across another great use for washi tape and not post it! (via Our Thrifty Ideas)

4. Garden Supplies Storage: How cute is that Garden Armoire? Hands down, the cutest garden supply organizer we’ve ever seen. Also loving the pallet organizer. (via Our Little Acre and Deserving Decor)

5. Repurpose Easter Eggs as Snack Containers: Does anyone else have a ton of plastic eggs lying around post-Easter and not know what to do with them? Now we for sure won’t be throwing ours out. Yay for upcycling! (via Real Simple and Kailo Chic)

6. The Ultimate DIY Accessory Organizer: If all your jewelry won’t fit on this huge organizer, you might have a hoarding problem (guilty myself!). (via Brit + Co.)

7. Upcycle Cans and Tins: We’re always looking for cute & useful projects to use scrapbook paper on that don’t look too…”crafty”, and this fits the bill! (via Better Homes and Gardens)

8. Message Board Jewelry Holder: We love the look of this for earrings and rings, and maybe even a few love notes? :) (via Dated by Design)

9. Laundry Room Pegboard: See? Even laundry rooms can be on trend. (via Girlfriends Get Organized)

10. Wall Storage Bins from Old Crates: The adorable pastel paint on these takes them from looking dumpy to delightful. (via Decor Hacks)

11. Flip Down Wall Art Desk: I’m pinning this for my future children (don’t tell my husband!). (via Ana White)

12. Hidden Toothbrush Holder: What a great idea! We’re not sure why all medicine cabinets don’t come with these, but now we can add them ourselves. (via Family Handy Man)

13. Organize with Vintage Drawer Pulls: Now we haveyet another excuse to go the flea market and antique stores, and that’s always a beautiful thing. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

14. Magnetic Spice Jars: We don’t have tons of baby jars in the office just yet, but know exactly what we’ll make when we do! (via One Lucky Pickle)

15. DIY Wooden Bungee Organizer: This is just plain fun. Why settle for a boring shelf when you can easily make these? (via Brit + Co.)

16. Hanging Suitcase Organization: I love useful furniture that is so beautiful it could be a fine art installation. (via Lotty Lindeman)

17. Notebook Organizer with Envelopes: This is genius! We’re always tucking notes and receipts and business cards and who knows what into our notebooks, and now there is a great way to keep it all in there. (via Simple As That)

18. Magnetic Bathroom Rack: No more wasted time digging for the tweezers and nail clippers. #win (via Darkroom and Dearly)

19. Ice Cube Tray Jewelry Holder: There are so many easy ways to organize jewelry, there is just no excuse for a messy jewelry situation. How can you put together blog-worthy outfits if you can’t accessorize? (via Real Simple)

20. Wine Box Shoe Storage: It’s always great to have a reason to drink more wine, so now we can save the boxes for the ever growing shoe mountains in our closets. (via Three Years of Death)

21. Sweet Twine Keeper: Every home needs baker’s twine ready to go at all times! It’s good for so many things: crafts, food, wrapping, garlands, moss ball plants, and who knows what else. (via Whisker Graphics and ‘A Casarella)

22. On the Go Filing: Who knew ordinary kitchen objects could be such great mail organizers? (via Better Homes and Gardens)

23. A Noodle in Your Boots: A real thrifty way to help your boots keep their shape. (via Boutique Narelle)

24. Clamp Cord Holder: This is super duper easy – thanks Family Handy Man! (via The Family Handy Man)

25. Curtain Rod Scarf Holder: We have oh-so many scarves, and each one is a work of art. Now there’s a way to organize them and enjoy their beauty all the time! (via Oprah)

26. Shoebox Houses: What a cute way to turn shoeboxes into storage containers for kids! (via The Gold Jellybean)

27. Build a Produce Holder Shelf: A great way for keeping lots of fresh fruits and vegetables handy and since they aren’t all piled on top of one another, they will stay fresh longer. (via Ana White)

28. Makeup Brush Organizer: What an awesome way to store and protect your brushes whether your at home or traveling. (via Irina’s Cute Box)

29. Wrapping Paper Caddy: For those of us who don’t have an entire room dedicated to wrapping like Tori Spelling’s mom, this will do the trick just fine. (via 2 Little Hooligans)

30. Easy Craft Table: Now you don’t have to buy one of those crazy expensive craft desks – score! (via Make It & Love It)

31. Laundry Basket Dresser: Not sure if laundry would actually get put away if we had one of these, but we’d still like to try it out and see if it solves our laundry pile issues. (via Ana White)

32. Embroidery Hoop Hamper: We love anything that uses embroidery hoops, and here is another project showing why. (via Making Nice in the Midwest)

33. Hat Armoire & Curio Cabinet Shoe Display: Like you needed another reason to head to the flea market this weekend… (via Oprah & Quintessence)

34. Modular Storage: It’s amazing what you can do with some crates, stationery clamps, and paint. (via Bright Bazaar)

35. Milk Jug Containers: Got Milk… jugs? (via Spoonful)

36. How to Use China to Organize Jewelry: Proof that jewelry displayed beautifully will look even more beautiful. (via Marcus Design Inc)

37. Hair Tool Cabinet: Every house with two females sharing a bathroom needs this. And so does the bathroom at Brit HQ! (via The Idea Room)

38. Dreamcatcher Earring Caddy: Give your earrings good vibes and keep them easily within view. (via Brit + Co.)

39. Net Entryway Shelf: This a funky sort of industrial look – don’t you think it would look great with some of our Wooden Bungee Organizers hanging underneath it? (via Remodelista)

40. Hallway Organization Ideas: Just in case you have guests stop by and didn’t have time to de-clutter the hallway, you can simply pull a curtain across and all that clutter instantly vanishes. Now that’s a great trick. (via HGTV)

What’s the most clever organization hack you’ve ever seen? Share the link with us in the form below!