The Kitten Bowl = A Purr-fect Lineup of All-Star Cat-letes
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The Kitten Bowl = A Purr-fect Lineup of All-Star Cat-letes

Look out, Puppy Bowl XI. As excited as we are about seeing teams Ruff and Fluff face off this Super Bowl Sunday, we’re also paws-itively fanatic about Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl II. The claws will come out, fur will fly and cuteness overload just might make us forget all about the “real” Patriots-Seahawks showdown.

All season long, more than 90 Feline Football League cat-letes have been training hard and competing in playoff games, expertly purr-fecting their laser-chasing, ball-batting and goalpost-scratching skills as they prepare for the ultimate display of cat-itude that’s going down Feb. 1 at 12pm EST.

Don’t let their cute and cuddly exteriors fool you. No matter which team you’re rooting for, you’d better believe that pick-of-the-litter players like Purrback Aaron Pawdgers and Snapper S’mores will pounce and meow with all their might, leaving no yarn ball or string toy untouched. Of course, getting too rough-and-tumble might lead to an “unkittenlike conduct” penalty, so they’ll have to save their cattiest moves for the locker room (and also avoid holding up the game with one too many cat naps).

TV Personality and North Shore Animal League America Spokesperson Beth Stern will host the match, and New York Yankees Sportscaster John Sterling will serve as its play-by-play announcer. Other celebrities and personalities are expected to drop in on the fun, while Paws-itivity Ambassador Happy will also be busy sending positive vibes to his feline friends and maybe even sharing a post on his blog.

Best of all, no matter who comes out on top as Most Valuable Kitten, these rescues are all going home winners, thanks to the loyal forever fans who have adopted them. We don’t know about you, but we’d say that’s a whole lot better than any Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Are you a Puppy Bowl or Kitten Bowl kind of viewer? Do you love them both? Share your thoughts below.

(Photos via Hallmark Channel)