Ahhh, curling up with your e-reader and a fantastic story. For book-lovers there’s probably nothing better, unless you’re in the middle of a library turning the pages of some old leather-bound volume. The only problem with paper books, however, is you have to make sure you don’t get them wet. So to be honest, we might be willing to give up the classic, old-school read in exchange for this waterproof e-reader.

Yep, it’s true ladies. You can now take your books into the bath, shower, or pool if you use this Kobo Aura H20 E-reader. It’s totally waterproof, surviving a dunk of more than 3 feet for 30 minutes. And that means lounging by the pool with a margarita and a great novel has become significantly less stressful (as if it was stressful already).

And it gets even better, because the e-reader is also equipped with an anti-glare display and is built to be dust-proof, making it perfect for the beach or lake. Add to that two hours of battery life, a 7-inch touch screen with the highest resolution available, and over 4 GB of space already on the device, and you’ve got the perfect reading companion (besides some great weather and a frosty cocktail of course).

You’ll have 4 million books to choose from using Kobo’s library so now that the Aura H20 is available for pre-order, it’s time to start planning your reading list. While there’s no guarantee you’ll get this perfect device before summer’s official end, at least winter won’t be so bad when you can spend plenty of cold nights curled up in the tub with a great book.

We gotta know: how would you use this e-reader? Where would you take it that you couldn’t take your books? Willing to give up your iPad, kindle, or nook for this device? Let us know below!