What’s black and white and read all over? Book-inspired home decor, of course! All jokes aside, we’re total bookworms here at Brit HQ and we love seeing projects and products that bring the bookish aesthetic out of the library and into the home. While we don’t support destroying perfectly good books in the name of DIY, we do think that old and outdated books (think old encyclopedias and dictionaries) deserve opportunities to find new life as beautiful decor. These 35 products-to-buy and projects-to-DIY will have you dying to crack open a book in your newly decorated space.

1. Library Wallpaper ($37): Have you been swooning over organized-by-color bookshelves on Pinterest, but not willing to invest the time to do the same to your own? Get the same look with this fun library-inspired wallpaper.

2. Upcycled Book Key Holder ($15): This is a pretty way to keep you from losing your keys and it’s awesome to see vintage books getting new life as decor.

3. Picture Books: Go thrifting for interesting looking books and then turn them into wall art. (via We Live Upstairs)

4. Hardback Book Lamp ($140): You can buy this pretty lamp, but we’re thinking it’s ripe for a DIY attempt.


5. Bookish Wall Clock ($16): What time is it? If you’re a book nerd like us, it’s always time to read! This clock is would be a fun addition to any library or home office.

6. The Storybook Rug ($296): Once upon a time, there was a really cool fairy tale-inspired rug. We swooned. Everyone lived happily ever after.

7. Book Clock: How pretty is the cover of this vintage book? This book clock would be a great addition to a nightstand table filled with your before-bed books. (via Shealynn’s Faerie Shoppe)


8. Literary Coasters ($22): Show off your literary prowess at cocktail hour with these classics coasters.

9. Dictionary Wall: Brush up on your vocab while making your apartment look totally trendy! We love the idea of doing this with an old dictionary once you’ve upgraded to a more current version or a favorite book with worn-out binding. (via Apartment Therapy)

10. Crane Mobile ($26): Recently, we’ve been into interesting mobiles that can serve as decor for rooms that aren’t nurseries. This mobile combines traditional origami with old book pages and the results are beautiful.

11. Book Picture Frame: Show off your book-loving family with these amazing book picture frames. We think they’d be a great teacher’s gift as well! (via Paper & Stitch)

12. Fables and Feathers Duvet ($300): Read a bedtime story… off your duvet? This cover is printed with Aesop’s Fables so you can drift off to sleep with inspiring stories in your head. While it’s no longer available via Anthropologie, you can find it over on eBay or Amazon.

13. Penguin Wallpaper ($87): Penguin books are classics for a reason: they’re well designed and they encompass a lot of really incredible literature. Show your support for the greats with this fun wallpaper!

14. Book Bricks: These bricks would be great as super-meta bookends or as garden ornaments. With a little paint and some patience, you can have your favorite covers in decorative form. (via BuzzFeed)

15. Custom Book Thumbprint ($400): A little pricey, this project takes your favorite book titles and turns them into a custom thumbprint poster. We’re thinking a DIY might be in order.

16. Book Mirror (price unavailable): We can’t find anywhere to actually purchase this one, but it’s a shame. This cool mirror replicated the look of a stack of books and is a perfect way to check out your outfit for the next poetry reading.

17. Book Pages Pencil Cup: We’re pretty sure every aspiring writer needs one of these on their desk. Simple and pretty, they make a visually-appealing addition to the desk without being overwhelming. (via The 3 R’s Blog)

18. Quote Prints ($24): These minimalist prints feature quotes from great authors and corresponding illustrations. Which is your fave?

19. Book Stair Decals ($95): These decals turn your staircase into a giant bookcase. Awesome!

20. Book Letters: Get your monogram on with old book pages. These would look great on any bookshelf. (via Little Things Bring Smiles)

21. Lumio Lamp ($125): This lamp, which looks like an open book, will keep you reading long into the night.

22. Paper Plane Banner: Somehow, making paper planes out of book pages instead of copy paper makes them an intriguing and whimsical decoration. Who knew? (via Style Me Pretty)

23. Book Art: Print on old book pages to create eye-catching silhouettes fit to frame. (via Ruffles and Stuff)

24. Folded Book Decoration ($75): Available in number or letter options, this Etsy shop turns old books into beautiful sculptures declaring your special digit or initial.

25. Table Runner: Bring a book to the dinner table with this simple table runner. We’re into the slightly irregular placements of the pages to create a less clinical vibe. (via Style Me Pretty)

26. Literary Quotes Dishes (price upon request): Handwritten on ceramics, your favorite authors’ best quotes join you for dinner. We’re betting you could take on this project in DIY form, particularly if your literary tastes run a little less mainstream (or change day to day!).

27. Book Page Banner: Perfect for a book club gathering or a bookworm’s birthday, this bunting is so pretty, you could leave it up even after the event. (via The Thinking Closet)

28. Book Rug: Curl up with a good book on this upcycled book rug. Though we’re not sure that it’s actually that cozy, it does look insanely awesome. (via Recyclart)

29. Bookmobile ($78): Another awesome mobile, this statement piece takes a single book and turns it into a work of art.

30. Book Planters: Give your succulents the book treatment by turning your unreadable texts into pretty planters. (via Apartment Therapy)

31. Book Headboard: Go to bed dreaming of books with this headboard. The bright colors and whimsical aesthetic make this a must for your next bedroom decor makeover. (via Instructables)

32. Literary Garden Sign Post: Which way to Pemberley? Point all your visitors right to Darcy’s estate with this sign post. (via Pollyanna Reinvents)

33. Pixelated Bookshelf: Print out pixel jackets for your books and turn your shelves into the raddest and geekiest library ever! (via Icoeye)

34. Vase Disguised as a Book (currently unavailable): Can you spot the impostor? Okay, so it’s not that hard, but this design for a vase is still pretty rad. We’re dying for it to be available for purchase and in the meantime are brainstorming ways to hack it ourselves.

35. Harry Potter Cupboard Under the Stairs: If you’re still waiting for your Hogwarts letter to arrive, you’ll love this project. A dedicated Potterhead wrote an entire chapter from Deathly Hallows under her stairs. We’re loving the symbolism and how quirky the results are. (via When Boredom Strikes)

Which of these products or projects has you inspired? Are we missing out on any awesome book-related decor ideas? Let us know in the comments below!