Amazon is useful for tons of things, whether you need some new clothes or want a few succulents to brighten up your space. However, sometimes you do have to return things, which can be a major pain if the post office isn鈥檛 right next door. Luckily, Kohl鈥檚 feels your pain and is offering up an easy solution.

Starting in October in 82 locations across Los Angeles and Chicago, you can take your Amazon returns into their stores and they鈥檒l handle them for you, no questions asked. They鈥檒l even pack the items for you so you don鈥檛 have to worry about trying to fit everything nicely back into the box it came in.

Richard Schepp, chief administrative officer at Kohl鈥檚, said in a press release, 鈥淲e are thrilled to launch this unprecedented and innovative concept, allowing customers to bring in their unpackaged Amazon returns to Kohl鈥檚 and we will pack them, ship them, and return them to Amazon for free. This is a great example of how Kohl鈥檚 and Amazon are leveraging each other鈥檚 strengths 鈥 the power of Kohl鈥檚 store portfolio and omnichannel capabilities combined with the power of Amazon鈥檚 reach and loyal customer base.鈥

Your stuff can be returned free of charge, regardless of the reason for sending it back. However, Shivi Shankaran, Director of Worldwide Customer Returns at Amazon, says only 鈥渆ligible鈥 items will be returnable in this manner, so it鈥檚 possible that you鈥檒l still have to work some things out with third-party sellers if they don鈥檛 support the new method.

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(Photos via Justin Sullivan/Getty, iStock)