If you’re planning on filling the beer fridge with craft brews for St. Patrick’s Day, then make sure you’ve also got something equally artisanal for you and your guests to sip from. Trust us, you’ll be happy you left those red party cups behind once you see these 18 cool and kooky beer mugs that ensure you drink your stout in style.

1. Wish You Were Beer Pint Glass ($8): Raise this glass to your buddies who couldn’t make it to the party for the obligatory FB pic.

2. Hopped Up Beer Glass ($12): Throw one back in style with this topsy turvy beer glass. The removable silicone cap pulls double duty—adding flair while protecting your precious home bar from water rings.

3. Chalkboard Beer Mug ($20): Besides being killer DIY inspiration, these chalkboard beer mugs make excellent icebreakers. We’ll take a case of these for Brit HQ!

4. The Beer Glass by Futagami ($73): There’s no denying that these high-design beer glasses are totally gorgeous. They’d sit real pretty atop our gold bar cart.

5. The Very Many Varieties of Beer Pint Glass ($12): Get schooled on where you favorite brews fall into place in the beer world while you sip. This infographic-adorned pint glass is great for any budding connoisseur.

6. Beer Shot Glass Two Pack ($19): Practical, convenient, and designed to get you hella tipsy. We endorse this product :)

7. Oversized Freezer Stein ($12): Plastic pitchers are such a drag: pop this gynormous mug into the freezer a few hours before the party starts to ensure your bevvies are ice cold and pour to the delight of your guests.

8. Get Awesome Pint Glass ($8): Sure, that’s what we ALL say ;)

9. Sliced Cold Beer Glasses ($70): Staring at this sliced beer glass is like having beer goggles on 24/7. It’s a modern design that’s sure to turn heads.

10. Homebrew Beer Can Glasses Personalized Set of 4 ($40): These personalized mugs are sure to enamor home brewers and drinking buddies alike. Their cool can shape makes these customizable mugs easy to drink and clean—they’re totally dishwasher safe.

11. Moustaches Glass Beer Mugs ($45): By now, these mustachioed beer mugs have to be considered a classic. Shovel out for a four-pack for your most mischievous hostess.

12. To-Go Beer Tumbler ($16): Forget flasks—this is your new fave house party companion. It’s hilarious and awesome that this beer bottle-shaped travel tumbler comes with a lid. Whoever thought up that add on deserves a raise.

13. Periodic BeEr Glass ($8): Science doesn’t lie. We can just sense chemistry nerds and Breaking Bad fans everywhere geeking out right now.

14. Das Boot Beer Glass ($15): The one. The only. The beer boot. Standing a foot high (ha, no for reals), we recommend using two hands to drink from this monster shoe.

15. Portuguese Beer Glass ($9): The sleek design of this authentic Portuguese beer glass has us swooning. It’s also great incentive to start exploring European brews.

16. Handblown Beer Glasses ($44): Missing your fraternity bros? Channel their collegiate charm with these easy goin’ etched beer glasses.

17. Dual Beer Glass Set of 4 ($125): Can’t decide between a pint of stout or lager? Why not have both in the same glass? What a clever (and impeccably finished) dual design!

18. Finished Already? Pint Glass ($8): LOL. This joke will never not be funny.

Do your must have beer mugs channel a party vibe or take a sleek turn? Which from this roundup are your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.