KUWTK star Kylie Jenner may only be 18, but she’s quickly climbed the ranks of style and beauty trendsetter. It’s no wonder her newly launched “Lip Kit by Kylie” liner + gloss duos sold out in 30 minutes flat yesterday. You read that right — 30 freakin’ minutes. And when the teen star changes up her hair color (which, admittedly, is like every two hours), everyone notices — and yes, she just switched it up AGAIN.


Kylie has gone green. No, not with envy. We’re talking about her hair. She showed off her new forest green colored hair while wearing a red sweatshirt on her Instagram just earlier today. We’re willing to hazard a guess that the reality star didn’t actually go through the long, damaging process of changing her hair color, but rather this is some sort of temporary rinse or just a new addition to her vast wig collection (have you seen girlfriend’s glam room?!). We think it looks rather festive and would make for perf holiday hair, but Kylie captioned her pic, “Don’t you just love Sriracha bottles.” *insert laugh till tears come out emoji face* Comparing yourself to everyone’s favorite trendy hot sauce? Good one, Kylie.


In case you need a refresher, this is what a Sriracha bottle looks like.


See the resemblance?

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(Photos via Jason Merritt/Getty + @kyliejenner + Amazon)