Kylie Jenner’s Hair Is Short Again — Or Is It?
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Kylie Jenner’s Hair Is Short Again — Or Is It?

Kylie Jenner certainly isn’t one to shy away from a new haircut or color. She’s had blunt bangs, platinum highlights, long hair, short hair and even green hair, sometimes all in the span of a week. Now it seems she has cut off her hair again in a blunt, shoulder-length bob — and we’re getting all of the medium hairstyle inspo from it.

Kylie posted a video via Instagram showcasing her “dope blunt haircut,” courtesy of Priscilla Valles. Despite all the hair changes, Kylie’s chestnut locks look super lustrous in the video. But we’re confused. That same day, Kylie posted a photo of herself with ultra-long hair again. And the next day, she snapped a photo of herself in Halloween pajamas with what appears to be long hair in a ponytail. Could she have gotten extensions right after cutting off her hair? Or perhaps a wig.

It also looks like she’s itching to get back to her green hue. After sharing the picture of her long hair, she posted a pic of her pastel green locks with the caption, “Green has been my favorite so far. Def making a come back in the next few weeks.”

Personally, we’re fans of the bob.

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(Photos via @kyliejenner + Jamie McCarthy Staff/Getty)