Kylie Jenner definitely knows how to drop a product. She’s become the queen of tease, especially when it comes to her latest Lip Kit releases, and as she continues to release new products, we get little sneak peeks of the mind of Kylie. While we’re usually pretty excited about what Kylie’s got up her sleeve, like when she releases to-die-for palettes, her most recent drop has us scratching our heads, because we’re not entirely sure what Kylie was thinking when she put this look together.

Teasing her newest eye shadow palette on Instagram and Snapchat, the set, called Royal Peach is, well — we’re not exactly sure what it is we’re looking at. The outer four colors on each end of the palette could work together as a cohesive look, but the four in the middle? We’re not sure exactly what a bright orange or royal blue have to do with a peach palette, but here we are.


Sure, the colors are bold and it looks like they have a killer pigmentation, but how or where are us average folks wearing these shades? We can’t imagine any way that the majority of folks are going to be wearing this palette. Sure, there are always bold and daring makeup users, but when most of us are just looking for a light everyday look, this is a steep price to pay for maybe two or four shades we’ll regularly wear.


With Kylie’s other Kyshadow sets (which are $42, BTW), we can imagine all the different combinations we can get out of the sets. The Royal Peach collection isn’t so much of a collection as a mishmash of mostly unwearable eye shadows. We thought the whole point of celebrity makeup lines was a wearable version of our faves, but this is stuff that only a Kar-Jenner could get away with on the daily.

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(Photos via Kylie Jenner/Snapchat)