Sure, Valentine’s Day is synonymous with romance and love, but you just can’t leave your other bae out in the cold — you know, the bestie who has been at your side through thick and thin. If Valentine’s Day has crept up on you and you’re at a complete loss on what gift to get your best bud, scroll on for our last-minute gift ideas that will bring some serious joy (and maybe a few giggles) to your BFF’s life.


1. The Romy ($58): While a floral bouquet may be the go-to gift for the holiday, this particular box of goodies also comes with a small cube of Sugarfina champagne bears, Floss Gloss nail lacquer in Baby Baby, a set of MASH game cards and a couple of pencils.


2. Le Grand Chateau ($49): Give your partner in crime her very own chateau… well, a mini version, that is. This adorable set will instantly transport the Thelma to your Louise to the sandy beaches of St. Tropez, a sunny afternoon in Côte d’Azur or a stroll along the Seine at night. Ooh, la, la.


3. Garance Dore Mascara Illustrated Art Print ($24): For the gal who never leaves the house without putting on her mascara, this super chic art print, created in partnership with Rifle Paper Co. and the fabulous French illustrator, author and photographer Garance Doré, is the sort of fabulousness your BFF will totally swoon over.


4. Ice Cream Lapel Pin ($6): Lapel pins are super on trend this year. This ridiculously adorable Neapolitan ice cream sandwich pin is sure to be a sweet, calorie-free treat for your gal pal.


5. Best Babes Pin Set ($19): Because you can never have enough lapel pins, this set is one that you and your best babe can both sport. Show the world just how tight you and your homegirl really are.


6. Disney Alice in Wonderland 3D Door Knob + Key Necklace ($35): Knock, knock. Who’s there? Just the most adorable Alice in Wonderland-inspired necklace ever. If your bestie is more into whimsy than basic, this is the perfect gift to send her down the rabbit hole in style.


7. Givenchy Beauty Les Mini Prismes ($39): This mini beauty collection packs a wallop of color in its tiny compartments. Give this to the beauty maven in your inner circle and watch her squeal with excitement over this treasure trove of eye, cheek and complexion products. Plus, it’s Givenchy… enough said.


8. Smartphone Projector ($32): The old-school circular projector just got a major high-tech update with this easy-to-assemble, corrugated cardboard version that’s perfect for your bestie’s weekend Netflix binge-watching session. The retro-inspired yet totally modern projector works with just about any smartphone and displays videos, photos or Snapchats on the wall for the world to see.


9. Charcoal and Rose Quartz Air Plant Terrarium Kit ($20): This terrarium kit is just the gift you’ve been searching for to nurture your BFF’s green thumb. Its understated and minimalist beauty makes it a seamless addition to any abode, and will be sure get her DIY juices flowing.


10. Oribe Haircare Travel Set ($26): This TSA-friendly gift might be a hard one to part with if you’re a super fan of Oribe haircare products, but resist the urge to hoard these perfect travel-sized packets of products. They’ll give your bestie an excuse to go on her dream vacation.


11. 3D Rose ($15): We’ve teamed up with Postmates to hook up your BFF with a hand-delivered (select cities only), 3D rose to add a bit of year-round cheer to her day. You will also feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that the 3D rose sale proceeds are going to Girls Who Code, a nonprofit that supports all of those future lady bosses in the tech world.


12. How to Crush It on Instagram Online Class ($29): Okay, it’s the morning of Valentine’s Day and you still haven’t found the perfect gift for your number one chick. Don’t go into a stress-induced panic — just hook her up with our online class on how to totally win on Instagram… because we all want to increase our followers count.

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