Praised be, a subscription box for your lady parts! From makeup to mixology, we’ve gotten pretty used to having everything delivered right to our door… but Le Parcel is another insightful deliverable to compete with the equally awesome Hello Flo. When surfing the crimson wave (did we really just write that?), the last thing we want to do is leave the house for provisions, but Le Parcel saves the day by delivering a new stash of tampons every month. Not only that, but the stylish boxes come filled with extra goodies to help you get through cramps and cravings… in other words, we now refuse to live without it.

Since no two ovaries are alike, Le Parcel allows you to customize your box with your preferred products. They carry all the major brands and you can mix and match tampons, pads and panty liners depending on your flow. Then you simply input the frequency of your flow and the date of your last period so that the menstrualbots can deliver your package right on time!

Along with the necessary stock, each box also includes a unique, hand-curated gift and premium, gluten-free truffles from Knot Chocolates that are almost making us look forward to that time of the month. The aforementioned gifts are shockingly awesome, ranging from M.A.C. gel liner to artisan jewelry. If you’re interested in pretty things and a much less terrible period (yes and yes), you can sign up for Le Parcel here, starting at $15 + s+h for 25 items, chocolates and a gift.

Would you buy this box for your bod? Let us know in the comments!