It’s no secret that we love innovative wallpaper. We also happen to love LED decor. We were actually stunned and impressed when we found that someone had come up with a way to combine these two cool things into one awesome thing! That’s right, lighting designer Ingo Maurer and Architects Paper have teamed up to create the innovate LED Wallpaper.

With hundreds of small LED lights in red, white, and blue integrated into the wallpaper design, this element definitely makes a unique statement. It’s luminous without being too bright and interesting without being distracting. It’s programmable and customizable, so the options are endless in terms of ambience. How cool would a bar or club with LED wallpaper be?

Given that the company is located overseas (based in Germany), and pricing is only available upon request, we’re not exactly sure if this is a viable option for home decor, but we’re definitely excited by the prospects! We’d love to check out how this looks in person, and see the unique designs that customers come up with to suit their individual tastes.

We’re loving this application of technology in design. What are your favorite examples of innovative design that embrace the techie aesthetic? Send them our way in the comments or over on Twitter.