Lena Dunham may have turned herself into a pretty controversial figure lately — her WTF interview with pal Amy Schumer is a good example of just how she’s managing to do that — but it turns out that the star (who happens to look nearly unrecognizable with her new long ombre hair) is not only able to give a perfectly pleasant interview when she’s in the mood, but her home is boldly chic.

Lena Dunham

When chatting with Vogue for their 73 Questions interview, Lena leads us through her home while letting us in on deets like how often she wears a bra (basically never) to what’s the best book she’s pretended to read. There’s even a surprise appearance by Neil Patrick Harris.

However, TBH, it’s her decor we can’t help but be obsessed with. With boldly patterned, color-filled walls in her main living space, we’re also greeted by a rainbow stone table, a (faux?) gold-gilded mirror and a floral tree nestled in the corner.

We’re then led into a pretty pink space filled with all sorts of knickknacks, apparently deemed the Lady Room — “really the theme is, ya know, queer and feminist resistance and our important foremothers and forefathers.”

Lena Dunham 73 Questions

From there, we’re taken through a white hallway with pastel door frames, a sleek white kitchen with a bright orange accent window frame and into the backyard where there’s… take a guess… more color! A pastel patio set and matching piece of art is the perfect addition to her somewhat small space. But don’t fret — there’s still room for a lovely little pool back there with a giant sunflower floaty.

The guest house totally matches the main house, with a white focus and plenty of colorful pops here, there and everywhere.

Also, there’s a teeny, tiny POODLE! Take a peek for yourself below.

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(Photo via Ben Gabbe/Getty, Vogue/screenshot)