So, you’ve got a lovely batch of Snickers Starburst truffles but need to up your game from the ordinary box or basket. Thankfully we’re here to arm you with a crafty way to sweeten up old textbooks! We take the old hidden box in a book trick to new heights with individual candy compartments.


– a book (we recommend old textbooks)

– X-acto knife

– straight edge

– Sharpie

– chocolates (snickers + starburst anyone?)

– mini cupcake liners or parchment paper

First, you’re going to create a template that fits your chocolates. Use this to mark where to cut on the first page of your book. Using a straight edge to make precise cuts over a mat cutting board.

For our book, we were able to cut three pages at a time. Do a few tests in the back of the book to see what you can get away with.

After you’ve cut about a 1/2 inch of pages with the 9 individual compartments, you can cut large rectangles for an additional 1/2 inch. This is a shortcut so you don’t lose your mind cutting individual boxes until the cows come home.

One way to make pages stay together would be to glue each individual page to the next, but that would be crazy. We used strips of clear tape to attach all the pages except the first one.

We used six strips in total.

After you’ve done this, use any kind of adhesive to glue the first page to your stack, as flat and smooth as possible.

Now for your chocolates, you’ll need cupcake liners, candy liners or parchment paper. We went with mini cupcake liners and simply cut them down to fit in our book.

Place the chocolates in the book, lay a piece of parchment paper over them (so the book doesn’t get too chocolatey) and close it up!

We think it would be pretty hilarious to give your Valentine a super boring book (Pre-Calc maybe?) with this super sweet surprise inside.

How are you DIYing it up for Valentine’s this year? We’d love to see photos of your love-filled cooking experiments and crafts. Send a note to or say hi on Twitter.