There’s just so much comfort in knowing that there’s a box of pasta in the cabinet waiting to be cooked into a quick and easy dinner. It helps that difficult days become a whole lot better with just one twirl of a piping hot forkful of spaghetti and meatballs. Or you know, any of your favorite meat recipes. But, thanks to one Instagrammer, we’re seeing pasta in a whole new light.

Linda Miller Nicholson is changing the pasta game in a major way with her naturally dyed homemade pasta noodles. Her colorful creations range from dark as coal (thanks to activated charcoal) to bright-as-the-sun (that’d be from spices like harissa or turmeric) have already amassed more than 90 thousand followers..

She’s even made clothing (yup) out of thick noodles. Just look at this yellow halter and green skirt combo that’s made out of nothing but pasta. “Crazy to think this skirt & top is made of flour, eggs, parsley, & turmeric nothing else,” she wrote as a caption.

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Which noodle is your favorite?

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She even has experimented with stripes, spots, and argyle patterns too. The fun carbs’ vibrant colors are brightening her feed and our eyes with each post. That could possibly be from hunger, we haven’t decided yet.

And one of the most impressive ways she uses her colorful pasta is to remake real-life masterpieces like Vermeer’s “The Girl With a Pearl Earring.” Of course, in this case, she entitled it “The Girl with a Noodle Earring.” She also pasta-nated a Van Gogh and Munich painting.

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