If you’re someone who stays up to date with all of the hottest skincare, you already have a medicine cabinet full of charcoal beauty products. These days, charcoal is infused into everything from face masks to micellar water in order to draw out impurities and give your skin a lit-from-within glow. But, what if that glow really could come from within? That’s right, cooking with charcoal is the newest food trend to drop, and you’ve *got* to check it out. To see what the fuss is all about, scroll down for 12 recipes to get you started.


1. Bamboo Charcoal Challah Bread: Food-grade charcoal comes in a few different forms, one of which is bamboo charcoal. To try it out, use a small amount in your bread recipes to keep it fresh for longer! (via Always Order Dessert)


2. Vegetable Charcoal Black Macaron: The fine texture of vegetable charcoal is perfect for adding a deep onyx hue to finicky French macarons. Be sure to start them early, because the flavor develops fully the next day. (via Fancy Factory)


3. Charcoal Powder Sourdough Bread: Imagine eating your daily avocado toast on this beautiful sourdough every morning. Whether you top the coal-colored bread with vibrant tomatoes or rich jams, you’re in for an Insta-worthy meal every time. (via My Daily Sourdough Bread)


4. Black Licorice Cupcakes: No food coloring can achieve the pure black shade that comes from activated charcoal. Whip up these licorice cupcakes for a cheeky over-the-hill themed party and guests will be amazed at your decorative baking skills. (via Viand)


5. Soft Charcoal Swiss Roll: This pillowy Swiss roll cake is everything your dessert dreams are made of. When you want that stark black and white contrast without using chocolate, charcoal should always be your go-to. (via Bake for Happy Kids)

ice cream

6. Black Ice Cream: When you first look at this ice cream you certainly wouldn’t think it would be lemon flavored. Surprise! Top the finished cone with edible gold leaf for a stunning trendy presentation. (POPSUGAR Food)


7. Leopard Print Bread: If you love a good baking challenge, this spotted bread will give you that all while matching your favorite handbag. The secret is wrapping a charcoal-based dough around chocolate dough to mimic the look of leopard spots. (via Spice Roots)


8. Charcoal Black Lemonade: Start your day with a morning lemonade to boost the overall detoxification of your body. (via Integrative Nutrition)


9. Savory Activated Charcoal Waffle Sandwiches: When you want your savory waffles to stand out from your sweet waffles, add a healthy sprinkle of charcoal. Sandwich bacon, mushrooms and avocado in the middle and your lunch will quickly become simply drool-worthy. (via XLBCR)


10. Total Eclipse Cocktail: Mixing a black cocktail that didn’t stain your mouth was virtually impossible until activated charcoal came along. (via CaliGirl Cooking)


11. Zebra Cake: You never know when you’re going to need a fluffy zebra cake in your arsenal, and now you have one! Dazzle your favorite safari junkie with this cake on their birthday for a thoughtful and unique touch. (via Rice and Flour)


12. Blueberry Charcoal Smoothie: Banish bloat and an upset tummy with a capsule or two of activated charcoal added to a smoothie. (via Hello Glow)

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