We probably don’t have to tell you that there’s still an annoying stigma around periods. It’s one of the reasons you may feel inclined to tuck a tampon up your sleeve instead of carrying it out in the open or why you suffer through your awful cramps in your cubicle instead of taking paid menstrual leave. In fact, according to a study done by organic feminine care company LOLA, most women felt embarrassed about their periods from the very first time they learned what the heck menstruation was. In a survey of 500 women, 65 percent of ladies admitted that they felt nervous, embarrassed, or intimidated when they first learned about their period. UGH!

That’s one of the reasons why the folks at LOLA started a girlboss initiative to educate and provide tools for young women to take control of their period from day one. Just this week, LOLA released the First Period Kit ($34), which offers their full suite of organic period products including 12 pads, 10 liners, and 10 light tampons. In addition to the actual feminine products, they also include a few goodies like a canvas pouch and a set of super cute stickers, as well as a sweet ebook to help young girls learn about their changing bodies. Heck, even I learned something new from the read — did you know that the official name for your first period is menarche? Well, now you do!

“Since launching LOLA in July 2015, we’ve seen a huge shift and believe we’ve started a national conversation around the importance of brand transparency as well as destigmatizing the topic of menstruation,” notes co-founder Jordana Kier. “We see the First Period Kit as a continuation of that because we’re showing girls there’s no need to be ashamed of menstruation. We’re helping girls feel more prepared for their first periods, whether that comes from knowing she has products in her locker at school or straightforward and easy-to-understand information readily available,” Kier says.

While we, unfortunately, missed the opportunity to directly benefit from the First Period Kit by a few (ish) years, we can definitely see how a product like this can empower future generations to feel more prepared and help end the stigma of menstruation. Well done, ladies!

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(Photos via LOLA)