Thanks to subscription services like Hello Flo and Le Parcel, that time of the month has gotten just a little easier to deal with. But when was the last time you stopped to think about what those absorbent little life savers (aka tampons) are actually made of? Turns out most people don’t know, and this is where Jordana Kier and Alexandra Friedman, founders of the all-natural tampon line LOLA, come in.


Jordana and Alex met in college, where Alex was part of an organization that secretly stocked bathrooms with tampons and Jordana was a lady in need. They believe we should all be more informed and in control of what goes into our bodies, and this belief is the philosophy behind LOLA.

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FDA regulations don’t require tampon companies to list ingredients on their boxes, which typically includes a mix of synthetic fibers like rayon and polyester. We go through such efforts to eat non-processed food and use natural beauty products, it seems crazy that we’re still putting unknown, synthetic materials into our bodies. LOLA tampons are made of 100% cotton with no artificial dyes or colorings, making them all-natural and biodegradable, but still giving you the comfort and protection you need.


The company runs purely on a subscription basis at the moment, with each box containing 18 tampons. What makes this even more ingenious is that you can customize exactly how many light, regular or super tampons you need, instead of having to buy multiple packs for various flow days. Subscriptions start at $10 for one box and $18 for two boxes, with a frequency of every month or every two months.

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LOLAs come packaged in minimal, discreet boxes, so no more hiding your tampons in the depths of your cabinets. Each tampon type comes in its own color-coded packet, so you can easily grab the light, regular or super one.


Be sure to check out LOLA’s Instagram page for more tampon #shelfies and other fun pics to brighten up those dreaded period days.

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(Photos via LOLA and @mylolagram)