With over 400,000 people in attendance, including the First Daughter Malia Obama, it was pretty hard to stand out in this year鈥檚 Lollapalooza crowd 鈥 but these stylish peeps were up for the challenge. The music festival celebrated its 25th year this month, and some new Lollapalooza street-style stars were made. There were festival staples like flower crowns, bright makeup and lots of glitter, but there were also new twists on old faves. While some of us ate our way through Lollapalooza, others treated the festival like their runway. Check out 15 of our faves below.

1. That 鈥70s Show: This girl is giving us some serious Donna Pinciotti vibes with her high-waisted flared jeans and fringed bag. To wear this look off the festival site, swap the leather boots for a pair of cool wedges.

cloudy w a chance of meatballs good thing I brought my hat #lollapalooza2016

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2. Keyhole Cutout: Wanna show off some skin without risking a wardrobe malfunction? Go for just a keyhole like this trend-right redhead. The perfectly Pippy-approved braids coupled with a wide-brimmed hat add to that 鈥渟exy but not too sexy鈥 vibe.

All the way up 馃拫

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3. Stylin鈥 Sunnies: Reflective sunglasses are all over the place this summer, and this girl squad is no exception. Sunnies like these come in so many different shapes and shades, you really can鈥檛 go wrong. Plus, how cool is that delicate body chain?

4. Futuristic Vintage Realness: Singer Melanie Martinez is serving up some serious style in every detail of this look. Her mixing of themes 鈥 vintage and futuristic 鈥 is absolute #goals. Between her blonde and black bicolored bangs, her purple iridescent eyes and turquoise fur hat, we don鈥檛 know which is the true hero.

5. Flower Crown 2.0: Flower crowns are music festival staples, but this lady seriously turned it up a notch. I mean, who would have thought to wear a hat on top of a flower crown? This gal. And she wears it so well with a floral romper.

Until next year, Lollapalooza 馃槝 #illinoistheta #thinktheta #lollapalooza

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6. TheNew Choker: Everyone and their mama is wearing chokers. Rihanna has been seen rocking some serious pieces from Fallon Jewelry, and even North West has been spotted wearing a few custom numbers (of course she has). This rockin鈥 concert-goer shows us that bolero chokers are indeed here to stay. They鈥檙e simple, chic and understated, just like her Lollapalooza look.

7. Arts and Crafts: Festival season is so unpretentious, which makes it the perfect place to have some fun with your personal style and try something new 鈥 like face paint. This trio shows you just how easy or intricate you can get with polka dots, tie-dye hues and geometric patterns.

8. Glitter Girl: An undercut makes a statement on its own, but this gal decided to pump it up a notch or 12. I mean, is there anything that glitter can鈥檛 improve? The answer is no 鈥 there is nothing that glitter won鈥檛 make better.

lolla 馃槏馃槏馃槏

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9. Flower Child: Floral for spring and summer, as Miranda Priestly infamously noted, is not groundbreaking. But floral shorts and a matching off-the-shoulder top? So chic!

10. Blinged Out: When you鈥檙e not feeling the face paint but don鈥檛 want to blend in with the crowd, go for some pretty gems like this stylish gal. We love how she adds a throwback edge with a bedazzled and chained choker.

11. Hippie Chic: Peytie Slater was a Project Runway contestant, so obvs she鈥檇 have one of the coolest outfits at Lollapalooza. This dreamy jumpsuit looks like the result of a wild night between Princess Jasmine and Barbie, and we absolutely love it.

I love you #lollapalooza

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12. Reaching for the Stars: Flash tattoos aren鈥檛 just for your arms and hands; they look great on your face too. This sprinkling of stars with that super blonde hair takes her look to out-of-this-world territory.

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13. Glitter, Glitter Everywhere: Lollapalooza is four days of musical festival fun, and that can be a lot. Hide the bags and still look stylish with some strategically placed glitter, because concealer is for rookies.

14. Pastel Hair: Yeah, the first thing you probably noticed was the garters, harnesses and lingerie, but this gal鈥檚 long pastel unicorn hair is just as eye-catching. C鈥檓on, she even put it in a fishtail braid.

15. The Body: Bodysuits have been all the rage this season, and we couldn鈥檛 be happier about it. They are the epitome of one-and-done dressing that us lazy girls crave. Make your everyday bodysuit festival-ready with the help of some strategic fringe and an exaggerated cardi.

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