It鈥檚 just beginning to rain when we meet up with LA-based musician Frankie and her bandmates Ben Rose, Joey Orton and producer Petros Anastos-Prastacos, but that鈥檚 of no consequence to this motley crew 鈥 they鈥檙e an adventurous bunch. In fact, they stayed up until 3am the night prior catching 鈥 what else? 鈥 Pokemon galore (no word on whether they played the corresponding drinking game), and now they鈥檙e MORE than game to hit the Lollapalooza streets in search of the finest fare the fest has to offer.


鈥淟et鈥檚 do it!,鈥 they say in unison. Even Frankie, dressed to kill in her platform wedge heels and Wildfox two-piece crop top and pant set (chosen by her stylist Joseph Cassell 鈥 the same man who dresses Taylor Swift, but you know, NBD) isn鈥檛 concerned with getting mussed up: She鈥檚 a tomboy at heart, through and through.


鈥淚 love sneakers; I like to dress comfy,鈥 she shares, adding that it鈥檚 not unusual for her to even borrow some style 鈥 literally 鈥 from her bandmates, in the form of a shirt or a jacket. 鈥淢y name鈥檚 Frankie,鈥 she surmises. [鈥淚t鈥檚] a boys鈥 name. It鈥檚 in my blood. I just get along with guys so much better.鈥

It鈥檚 a good thing too, considering she鈥檚 pretty much with them 24/7, even when she鈥檚 NOT working. 鈥淭hey鈥檙e literally my best friends,鈥 she says. 鈥淭he label is always shocked that we vacation together鈥 we just got back from Hawaii.鈥

Though the trip proved to be somewhat disastrous (Frankie landed in the ER when she mistook a popped blood vessel in her ear for swimmer鈥檚 ear and attempted to remedy the problem with a little bit of vinegar 鈥 ouch!), now here they are, at Chicago鈥檚 own four-long-day music fest, where they will take the stage not once, but twice. But not before having a bite to eat.


Though Lollapalooza is new to this fearsome foursome (Joey has actually never been to a music festival 鈥 say what!), eating on the go most definitely is not. 鈥淥h my God, when we鈥檙e on tour, it鈥檚 so unhealthy and sporadic,鈥 Frankie admits of her on-the-road diet. With such busy schedules, she says that dinner is usually late, and the 鈥渟tar of the show. [It鈥檚] where we go crazy.鈥 It鈥檚 a far cry from their home diets, where they鈥檙e able to cook for one another. 鈥淲e鈥檒l definitely have little potlucks,鈥 Frankie tells us. 鈥淚鈥檓 the pasta queen. I鈥檓 a one-pot wonder鈥 the boys are my tasters. I鈥檓 Cuban, so food equals love to us.鈥

Which brings us back to what we came for (ya know, other than acts such as Lana del Rey, G-Eazy, Radiohead and Halsey, all of whom the band is super stoked to see) 鈥 the FOOD. The first pick 鈥 crinkle fries from Leghorn Chicken 鈥 is kind of a no-brainer: Frankie IS, after all, known as the 鈥淔rench fry queen.鈥 It鈥檚 a fact her fans know all too well. Where Katy Perry has her 鈥淜aty Kats鈥 and Lady Gaga has her 鈥淟ittle Monsters鈥 as fans, Frankie has 鈥淔rankie Fries.鈥


鈥淚 put it as my Twitter handle as a joke,鈥 she explains. Now, 鈥渢hey tweet me pictures of them eating fries and I tweet them back.鈥 Awwww, how cute! It鈥檚 also a safe choice for what Joey says is his fellow picky eater 鈥 in fact, the foursome scans the entire line of options before making their selections.

Joey settles on the offerings at Wao Bao (pan-seared Potstickers, anyone?) while Ben chows down on some homemade gyros on pita bread with tomato salad and tzatziki from The Purple Pig.

The purple PIg 2

The band incidentally ate at the Mag Mile resto the night before, but not before enjoying other local deep dish fare from the likes of Nancy鈥檚 Pizza 鈥 a rare and much-needed break from the constant radio shows and interviews they鈥檝e been doing in promotion of their first radio single, 鈥淣ew Obsession.鈥 Not that they needed all that much help after one miss Taylor Swift tweeted her praises (and yes, for the record, Frankie is most definitely team Taylor 鈥 鈥淚 feel like I have to be or else I go to hell,鈥 she says).

鈥淚 haven鈥檛 been home to LA for more than two days [at a time],鈥 she tells us. 鈥淢y normal is waking up in a hotel, going to two radio鈥 interviews and then [doing a] radio show.鈥 Not that she鈥檚 complaining. 鈥淭he radio shows are so fun for us, meeting all these different artists [and] hanging out with them 鈥 it鈥檚 very cool.鈥


It鈥檚 certainly a reason to celebrate, which is exactly what these guys do when they join us for dessert, with a beautiful brownie sundae from Windsor Ice Cream Shoppe that they鈥檒l surely be working off later 鈥 together, of course 鈥 in one of their infamous burpee group workouts, which also involves multi-tasking. 鈥淔rankie鈥檚 watching makeup tutorials,鈥 Joey jokes.

Hey, a girl鈥檚 gotta鈥 do what a girl鈥檚 gotta鈥 do!

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(Photos via Joey Hill)