From the cake to the venue, wedding planning is no easy feat. One aspect that tends to stir up the most controversy is often the bridesmaid dresses. Should they all be the same, or maybe mismatched? Should they be fancy or casual, lace or chiffon? If you鈥檙e like us you tend to consult the Internet for advice on this kind of thing, particularly the wedding planning wonder, Loverly. And you know what? All that time that you spent scouring their site looking for the perfect dress 鈥 well, it looks like they were paying attention.


Loverly has teamed up with womenswear designer Eva Franco to create a collection of bridesmaid dresses based off of the most popular search terms from their site. Everything from style to color to fabric has been created with that in mind. A long, blush gown for a formal affair? Check. A short strapless number for a rehearsal dinner? Check.

Aside from making the hunt infinitely easier, this collection was also designed to focus on wearability. These aren鈥檛 the bridesmaid dresses you say you鈥檒l wear again but then stuff in the back of your closet. From the intricate lace cocktail dresses to a simple chiffon number, these are pieces that鈥檒l suit any dress-up occasion 鈥 or maybe even work!


In addition to the slew of dresses, the collection also offers some on-trend separates as well as a super sexy jumpsuit. Each color scheme (electric blue, blush, navy blue, etc) comes in a variety of different styles, making it super easy for bridesmaids to match while still rocking something they feel great in.


If you鈥檙e reading this as a bride, don鈥檛 feel left out, there鈥檚 something for you here as well. In addition to the 30+ bridesmaid dresses available, Loverly and Eva Franco have also created a selection of 鈥渓ittle white dresses,鈥 which are perfect for the bride who wants to keep things super casual. If you鈥檙e getting hitched at City Hall, on the beach or at home these options are definitely worth a look.

If you鈥檙e on the hunt for some picture perfect bridesmaids dresses, you might want to send out the group email now. Because we鈥檙e guessing these pieces (which average around $200) are probably going to sell out before you can say, 鈥淚 do.鈥

Which style is your favorite from this collection? Drop us a link in the comments to let us know.