A time when we can charge our devices simply by setting them on any table, couch or dresser is not as far away as you think. We’ve already seen concepts for couches that charge, purses that charge and so on. So, why not turn an entire table into a charging dock? And better yet, why not make that table light-powered?

This concept by Italian company Studio Natural (via design boom) is called Lucio, and defines itself as a light-powered energy point that recharges electronic devices. The idea came about from wanting to take advantage of something that typically exists in all living spaces: light!

This piece of furniture aims to turn both sunlight and artificial light into power, then stores this energy to be used by your favorite daily tech tools like smartphones and tablets. Because it doesn’t need a wired power source, it is a super versatile piece of furniture for any modern home since it can be positioned away from any plugs… and away from any crazy long extension cords ;)

Alas, if only this were available… now! We think you could totally hack something similar with the right solar-powered panels and maybe some artificial lighting from a plant store?

All in all, we do love the idea of being able to effortlessly keep devices charged without a pesky cord. What do you think of this blossoming technology? Talk to us in the comments below.