It’s your “Lucky” day! We are thrilled to announce our first special editionBrit Kit!

That’s right, we’ve partnered with the uber stylish folks at Lucky Magazine to create an extra awesome DIY Jewelry Kit for all of you fashionistas out there. The kit comes complete with three (yes, three!) pieces of stunning statement jewelry — thread-wrapped earrings, plus black and gold metallic necklaces and bracelets. The kicker? Each kit ALSO comes complete with a one-year subscription to Lucky mag!

The cost of the kit (with magazine subscription) is just $29.99 and will ship out to you in early July. After that, the magazines will continue shipping every month. Don’t wait too long to get in on this hotness: you only have until June 15th to order.

Now for a bit more detail on the kit itself…

Each kit includes:
 – One year subscription to Lucky magazine

– Black cord

– Gold metallic tubes

– Gold clasps and cord ends

– Stainless steel hoop earrings

– Embroidery floss

– E-6000 glue

– Instructions

This kit gives you the tools and instructions to make a layered leather and gold necklace, cuff-like bracelet, and playful hoop earrings that offer a colorful pop of fun, perfect for summer. As mentioned, included with the purchase of your Brit Kit is a one year subscription to Lucky magazine ($10 value). Click here for offer and refund details.

Now let’s dig into the projects. First up, our gold and black layered necklace and bracelet.

Easy to make and oh-so-chic. It matches with virtually everything. We’re loving the layered look lately.

Start by unpacking your new kit and laying out your materials

For the necklace: Cut three lengths of cord 24″, 22″, and 20″. Using flat nose pliers, attach a cord end to one end of each cord. Slip a metal tube onto the other open end, then secure that end with a cord end. Repeat with all 3 strands. Next, use the pliers to open an o-ring and slip all 3 cords onto the ring. Slip on a lobster clasp and then use the pliers to close the o-ring. Repeat with the other side, excluding the lobster clasp.

For the bracelet: Repeat the same process used for creating the necklace, but this time use the cord to measure around your wrist and then cut 5 lengths of cord (usually 6″ to 7″). It’s that easy!

Next up we have our hand-threaded hoop earrings.

Pair these earrings with a bright or neutral clothes for an extra pop of color.

To DIY your threaded earrings, start by unfastening the earring lock. Beginning with the black thread, place a small dab of glue to affix the thread to the earring. Continue wrapping until ready to start with your next color. Affix the end of the black thread with another dab of glue and repeat with alternating thread colors. You can create so many different patterns with these fun threads. Feel free to get creative with it! (And send us pics when you do, please.)

We guarantee these projects are fun, easy to complete (no really, they shouldn’t take you more than half an hour), and definitely a great trendy addition to anyone’s jewelry box. Don’t forget you can only order the kit through June 15th, so get on it quick! Shoot us a note on Twitter, by email, or in the comments below if you have any questions.

What are Brit Kits? We’re glad you asked. Brit Kits are fun and creative DIY projects delivered to your door each month. Perfect for budding DIYers and well-versed crafters alike, each kit includes materials, easy-to-follow instructions, and surprise goodies every month. Best of all, every project can be completed in about 30 minutes.