We’re always looking for the new hip thing. Whether it’s a bracelet that tracks your coffee consumption or an unusually intelligent iPad app that recognizes smells, we’re all up in the innovation scene. And beauty is no exception! While we love to ooh and ahh at the looks we see on the runway, we’re not quite ready to bring them into our everyday. Until… today! Here are three ways to achieve the super trendy luminescent look, powered by pastels, highlighters and, of course, gold.

Luminescent Light

This look is all about white highlights. It makes for great spring wedding makeup but is also totally wearable on the daily.

1. Start with L’Oreal’s Magic Lumi Primer and Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer.

2. Apply Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Touch #1 Concealer to any darkness under the eyes.

3. Apply MAC Alice + Olivia pigment on eyelids with finger for a soft touch. Be sure to also use in the inner corner of the eyes, on top of the cheek bones and on the bridge of the nose.

4. Rouge it up with NARS Orgasm blush.

5. Line under the eyes with a black eyeliner pencil very lightly.

6. Use MAC Alice + Olivia again to blend the liner into the skin for a more defined look.

7. Finish off the eyes with mascara.

8. Kiss the lips with a sheer pink, like Clinique Whisper Gloss.

9. And you’re done!

Pastel Perfection

Next up, turn all that pastel makeup inspiration into something you can actually wear!

1. Start with Radiant Complexion Enhancer to prime face with a flat foundation brush or your fingers.

2. Apply BB Creme by Maybelline for foundation (only use on spots where needed and a very small amount so that the primer can shine through). If needed, also use Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Touch #1 Concealer.

3. Highlight the brow bone with NAKED! Virgin.

4. Use Maybelline Color Tattoo in Edgy Emerald to create a thicker cat eye.

5. Keep filling the eyelid, applying less shadow as you move up.

6. Line under the eye with Jordana Mint EasyLiner.

7. Apply mascara!

8. Use Pearls of Perfection Multi-Colored Bronzer to add definition.

9. Use Rockateur Blush by Benefit.

10. Highlight the cheekbones — we used Benefit High Beam.

11. Punch up that pout with Stila Shimmer Luxe Lip Gloss.

12. Love that light look!

Golden Goddess

Finally, channel your inner Cleopatra with this lightly gilded look.

1. Start with Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer.

2. Use Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Touch #1 Concealer as needed.

3. Apply MAC Brushed Metal to eyelids.

4. Use Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Translucent Illuminator on cheekbones and bridge of nose as a highlighter.

5. Line under the eye with NAKED! Half Baked.

6. Use Wet N Wild Rose Gold on your lips.

7. Oh hai!

Which of these looks will you try out at home? Talk to us in the comments below.