With the incredible Avengers stealing our hearts earlier this year, the new Batman being an instant action classic, and the real-life superheroes of the Olympics, we've got superheroes on the mind here at Brit & Co. Here are 10 ways to rock your own superhero style… and only one involves a cape. ;)

1. Batman & Catwoman Jewelry ($190-$225): Now you can carry the power of Gotham in the palm of your hand, or on your ring finger. Or rock a pair of Catwoman claws on your ears. Rawr.

2. MAC Wonder Woman Collection ($ varies): Put your toughest face forward before you battle the day's villains. This collection from Spring 2011 features just about everything a modern day Wonder Woman might need. Many of the items are no longer available on the MAC site, but check Amazon and your local Sephora or beauty store to see what they've got.

3. Shoes of Prey Superhero Collection ($180-$330): We told you all about Shoes of Prey a few months ago when we gave away a pair of totally custom heels. Now we're back to share their Superhero collection. So fun! We can't choose between the Batman and Robin shoes – which is your fave?

4. Wonder Woman Dress ($56): We promised there'd be one cape on this list. This bright yellow dress is the perfect summer frock for a dose of battle for the greater good.

5. Chain Fringe Cuff ($18): And while you're at it, grab a chunk of arm bling. We're swooning over this metal fringed cuff.

6. Killer Comic Book Heels (DIY): Grab a pair of vinyl pumps, a jar of Mod Podge, a cheap old comic book, and get to work! These are definitely time-consuming but look totally amazing. Stay tuned for another way to superhero-ify your heels later this week!

7. Batwing Shirt ($73): Wear your love for Batman in the form of a winged button-down. We love the winged reveal in this gothic number.

8. Batman Bodycon Dress ($73): Or go for the less subtle logo-tastic print on this skin tight bodycon dress.

9. DC Comics Cropped Tanks ($25): Remember Delia's? Or rather… Delia*s? Turns out they still have some pretty adorable threads, like these sweet cropped tanks.

10. Superhero Couture: Finally, a bit of high fashion. This collection by Romance Was Born is an official collaboration with Marvel and features Jack Kirby's famous dot technique and the process of CMYK printing, just like traditional comic books.

How do you channel your inner Wonder Woman? Let us know your secret superhero style tips in the comments below or say hi on Twitter.