Mac users, we’ve all felt the stress of wanting to use those iOS emoji we’ve come accustomed to while typing away in a doc, while sending a v important email, when updating our status on Facebook or even in place of those oddly adorable ones found in Gchat + Slack. Those days of endless emoji-less terror are finally over, because Business Insider revealed the most crucial Mac hack ever. Rejoice! The era of copy + pasting is finally over and your laptop convos are dull no more.

emoji keyboard mac hack

Accessing the emoji keyboard on your Mac is actually quite simple. It’s upsetting we didn’t know how to get to all those icons long, long ago. All you have to do is hit Control, Command and the space bar at the same time and a pop-up keyboard filled with all your fave emoji, displayed the same way as on your iOS device, will appear onscreen for you to play with and use until closing time. And just like that, your life is forever better.

Now it’s time to be young, wild and free in your emails. Just don’t get too wild — no need to lose your job over a little emoji typing ;)

Will you be using this Mac hack to make emoji use easier when using your Mac? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Business Insider, photo via Apple)