What do ethical practices, globalization and online shopping have in common? They all make it possible to purchase products that are working toward a greater social good. Makers and other game changers around the world are rethinking how to improve the lives of both their customers and their suppliers. Some are uplifting communities by connecting them to buyers and paying them fair wages. Others have found a way to “do good” as part of their business model by creating jobs that improve access to education, health care and other amazing benefits for their employees. Check out these 21 makers and curators who are making a big difference in the lives of many.


1. JADEtribe: The ideology behind this handbag line is “fashion with a conscience.” All of their gorgeous and unique bags are made in Southeast Asia using ethical business practices and modern interpretations of traditional weaving techniques. (Photo via JADEtribe)


2. Threads by The Shine Project: An organization that makes pretty jewelry while providing jobs and educational opportunities for inner city youth in Phoenix, Arizona? Now that’s a mission we can get behind! A stack of bracelets has never looked or felt so good. (Photo via Threads by the Shine Project)


3. 31Bits: We love the colorful statement jewelry from 31Bits. We also love that the 31Bits model focuses on empowering artisans. All of the pieces from their collection are both stunning and beautifully crafted. (Photo via 31Bits)


4. JOYN: These handbags have pretty prints and carry a meaningful message. JOYN aims to provide employees with steady jobs and a healthy work environment, as well as access to food, education, medical care and additional skill building. (Photo via JOYN)


5. Jumbie Industries: This family affair makes beautiful laser cut products while helping pediatric cancer patients in Maryland. Every product you buy (like these coasters or this French quote inlay) helps financially support a child and their family in need. (Photo via Jumbie Industries)


6. Thistle Farms: Looking for a beauty line that will make you feel beautiful both inside and out? Thistle Farms is the job training program at a Nashville-based residential organization for women who have survived trafficking, prostitution and addiction. This life-changing program allows women to find a safe haven and develop professional experience in manufacturing, packaging, marketing and administration by producing and selling a collection of fantastic beauty products. (Photo via Thistle Farms)


7. World Bicycle Relief: Here’s an amazing organization that has a two-pronged approach: It makes sustainable bicycles and sells them (at a reasonable price) to those in need of affordable transportation. By purchasing goods from their store, you can help fund their incredible project. (Photo via World Bicycle Relief)

8. Proud Mary: Proud Mary works with artisans in the developing world to create colorful bags and clothes. All of their fabrics are produced in collaboration with textile artisans using traditional methods of weaving. In addition, their artisans are paid a fair wage for their work. So every time you carry one of their tote bags to the farmers’ market or wrap yourself in a gorgeous scarf, you can smile knowing that you’ve shopped well. (Photo via Proud Mary)


9. Della: Who doesn’t love a fashion line that provides jobs, education and skills training while also maintaining reasonable prices and gorgeous styles? The fashionable garments and accessories designed by this team are a must in every cool girl’s closet. (Photo via Della)


10. Same Sky: We really dig these beautiful necklaces and bracelets that support female artists in Rwanda. Their pieces are perfect for gifting, even if you’re just treating yourself. (Photo via Same Sky)

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11. Krochet Kids International: This organization was started by three high school friends who loved crocheting their own hats. Eventually, their love of making transformed into an organization that supports communities in Uganda and Peru. Their hats are perfect for gifting to little ones, especially the fox hat ($22) pictured above. (Photo via Krochet Kids International)

Rose and Fitz

12. Rose & Fitzgerald: If you’re dying to add some global flair to your home, look no further. Rose & Fitzgerald is where it’s at! Ethically sourced and beautifully crafted home goods are their bread and butter. Click on over and get ready to swoon over their inventory. (Photo via Rose & Fitzgerald)


13. Hand in Hand: Lack of access to clean water and sanitation is a major contributor to infant and child mortality in many developing countries. If you’re looking to support public health in a tangible way, considering buying soap from Hand in Hand. For every bar purchased, Hand in Hand donates a bar of soap and provides a month of clean water to children in need. (Photo via Hand in Hand)


14. Oimei: Add a pop of color to your couch or bed with these throw pillows. Not only will you be changing up your apartment but you’ll also be changing lives. By buying these bright beauties, you’re helping women in Thailand and surrounding Southeast Asian countries to rise above poverty. (Photo via Oimei)


15. Lydali: Each item on the Lydali site has a unique story. When you buy your sister a simple pair of studs for her birthday or a chic summer scarf to wear on the daily, you get to know where it was made and by whom. That’s pretty cool if you ask us. (Photo via Lydali)


16. Perf: Get ready for picnic season with one of Perf’s perfectly rugged blankets. Plus, 15% of their profits go to programs that provide basic needs to impoverished families. (Photo via Perf)


17. Just Love Coffee: Coffee lovers, rejoice! This coffee roastery not only makes one mean roasted coffee bean, but also adopts a needy family or non-profit to provide a share of their profits. (Photo via Just Love Coffee)


18. lemlem: Founded by model Liya Kebede, lemlem celebrates the artistry of traditional Ethiopian hand-weaving techniques while empowering local artisans. The scarves, dresses and tunics are breezy and beautiful. (Photo via lemlem)


19. Kara: Cozy up in a striped bathrobe or deck your coffee table with confetti coasters from Kara. Kara works with local weaving co-ops in Kerala, India to design beautiful home textiles that you’re bound to ooh and ahh over. (Photo via Kara)


20. Far and Wide Collective: We’re totally digging this online bazaar for picking up the chicest home goods and jewelry from around the world. Plus, it supports artisans in post-conflict regions and helps connect them to global markets. (Photo via Far and Wide Collective)


21. Raven & Lily: We’re enamored with the fun bags, bold necklaces and adorable gift sets that this shop offers. But we’re even more smitten with the fact that their model empowers women through design and strives to provide eco-friendly products. (Photo via Raven & Lily)

Do you have a favorite maker or store that supports a good cause? Please, share it in the comments!