The summer sun is out and about and with it come the picnickers. You’ve probably noticed them. They overrun the parks with their blankets and frisbees and sandwiches. Well, we’re not about to let you go out there empty handed. Here are 20 picnic baskets you can buy or DIY. Let the feasting begin.

1. Classic Picnic Basket ($125): This simple brown basket is lined with vintage black-and-white gingham and yet, the leather handles say modern. We’ve deemed it worthy of carrying our summertime essentials.

2. DIY Monogrammed Picnic Basket: The monogram is taking over. And if you can put your initials on your pillows and totes, why not your picnic basket? (via In The Next 30 Days)

3. Backpack Style Picnic Basket ($107): Organizer, this one’s for you. Everything has a place and a strap to hold it there. It’s practically your dream come true.

4. DIY Fruit Crate Picnic Basket: You know those wooden farmers market crates? Grab one, some glue and paint and you have an adorable picnic basket. (via Receber and Celebrar)

5. African Picnic Basket ($37): This gorgeous basket is made in Africa and promises to last through picnics with your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. How’s that for some durability?

6. DIY Crochet Picnic Basket: If you’re the knitting type, snatch up the book, Uncommon Crochet, for $17 and get to work on this drawstring basket. Can we pretty please see your work when you’ve finished? (via Flickr)

7. Multi-Basket ($150): Very sleek and very modern, this basket comes with three separate compartments. It’s like a picnic bento box, perfect for your sandwich, strawberries and potato salad. Did we mention those bamboo lids can be used as plates? Pretty smart, eh?

8. DIY Paper Picnic Baskets: Free printable pattern ahead! Make these super cute single-serving picnic baskets out of simple brown butcher paper. Don’t forget the patterned napkins. (via Oh Happy Day)

9. Insulated Picnic Basket ($33): If you’re planning on a day trip with picnic included, this insulated tote will keep your goods at the perfect temperature while you go adventuring.

10. DIY Paper Plate Berry Baskets: These pretty baskets are a super simple project for your weekend that you can even get the kids in on. The best part? It uses supplies that you probably have around your house. (via Design Mom)

11. French Rattan Basket ($260): It’s hard to imagine anything more feminine than a scalloped edge. We think it’s definitely put to good use on this picnic basket.

12. DIY Bike Picnic Basket: Go ahead and get that thrifted picnic basket out of your closet. You can make that vintage dinosaur into a trendy bicycle basket. (via Eleanor’s)

13. Wine Picnic Basket ($56): Imagine you and your significant other, at the park for a romantic picnic and out of this special basket comes wine and all the necessities. Just add candles.

14. Portuguese Handmade Basket ($48): Bright and colorful, this basket will be the pride of the park.

15. Oh Joy! Picnic Basket ($25): It’s like somebody took those colors off the bright beach towel and put it on a picnic basket.

16. DIY Scarf Picnic Basket: Apparently picnic baskets can be made out of just about anything, even scarves! Pick your favorite, pair it with glue and water and boom. You’re picnicking. (via A Subtle Revelry)

17. Picnic Tote + Supplies ($232): At first glance, you may think this picnic basket is out of your price range… until you realize that it comes with everything you see here, right down to the striped blanket.

18. DIY Chalkboard Picnic Basket: We love chalkboard paint, yes we do. We love chalkboard paint, how about you? Yeah, we know you do, too. So paint your picnic basket with it. (via The Bee’s Knees)

19. DIY Apple Basket Sleeves: If you ever wanted to hold a picnic at an apple orchard, do it now. These DIY sleeves fit perfect inside your apple baskets to organize all your picnic supplies. (via Style Me Pretty)

20. Picnic Basket Charm ($18): You may not be an outdoorsy person, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on a picnic basket! This pretty little charm will make you want to eat fresh strawberries… at the kitchen table.