On their wedding day, most brides want to look like a vision in white. There are some who opt for a touch of color, a few brave ladies who choose to dip their dress in black and then there are those who really go for it and dress themselves as Disney’s hottest villain, the one and only Maleficent.

Before you freak (or hopefully commend the bride for her originality), you should know that this is not, in fact, a real wedding. It’s a concept shoot by the appropriately titled wedding site, The Rebellious Bride. Even though the wedding is staged, the details are incredible. This is solidifying our notion that Disney weddings done right totally rule.

The bride didn’t spare any subtly for her wedding look. Dressed in a tight black gown with horns and wings, she makes evil look pretty darn good. The bridesmaids get a slightly brighter look in feathered pink and blue dresses, and the groom is looking just as eerily cool as his bride-to-be in a maroon jacket with a statement necklace.

Although there is definitely a spooky side to the affair, the wedding still evokes a slight magical feel that lives in everything Disney-related. On the wall hang watercolored paintings, and sprinkled around are rich, purple and red floral arrangements.

We will say that if this was a real wedding, it might be a bit extreme – horns and wings are definitely not for everyone. But there are elements that would be awesome to incorporate into your big day for a little extra Mickey magic with a dark twist. Ursula, you’re on deck.

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(h/t Cosmopolitan, Photos via The Rebellious Brides)