What girl hasn’t dreamed of a wedding fit for a princess? Well, here’s a bit of news: Your wedding doesn’t have to be held in a castle filled with bridesmaids in ball gowns to be a fairytale. After all, that’s not how Ariel would have done it.Well hold onto your shell-bikini tops, Little Mermaid lovers, because online wedding marketplace Your Cloud Parade staged a hipster-Disney-wedding-inspiration shoot that was caught by the lens of Mark Brooke. Sit back and check out what it takes to throw your own over-the-top oceanside nuptials.

1. Ocean Ceremony: If Ariel and Eric want King Triton and all of Ariel’s sister to attend, there’s only one appropriate setting — the ocean. The seashell walkway is a choice addition.

2. Walking on the Beach: Take it back to where Ariel and Eric first met after she got her land legs. Heck, you can even recreate the entire scene if you feel so inclined.

3. Dessert Table: Everything from the cake to the mini macaroons keeps with the wedding theme and adds major color to the dessert table. Seriously, can those glittery fish-scale macarons be any cuter?

4. Bridal Prep: We cannot believe how well this bride pulled off the look of Ariel! Everything from her bright red locks and floral crown (which you can buy here for $150) to the blue-ombre train on the wedding dress, the look came together like whoa.

5. Bridesmaid Attire: Hair accessories were on point… and t-shirts with shell bras printed on them? So great! There’s nothing traditional or boring about these bridesmaid looks. Who knew t-shirts and tulle could look so fabulous? Those sea star rings are nonnegotiable. You’ve found your bridesmaid gift.

6. Grooms Bowtie: Every little detail makes a difference when it comes to styling your day. The color and pattern of this bow tie gave the groom (ahem, Prince Eric) a seaside style that looks just right with the rest of the wedding theme.

7. Table Setting: Complete your little wedding day with some BIG table setting inspiration. Our eyes were caught by the bold glitter table runner, not to mention the gorgeous gold wedding decor details. If you’d like to follow suit and gift your guests with wands as party favors, you can get them here. A pack of 50 will set you back $75.

8. Backdrop: We’ve ogled the table setting, now how about that backdrop? Paper folded like seashells and golden waves seems like something you could do easily with a little help from your friends.

9. Bridal Beauty: Umm, dinglehopper, anyone?

10. Invitations: Watercolor weddinginvitations feel so right for this. You should always use your wedding invitations to give your guests a taste of what your big day has in store for them.

What is your dream Disney wedding? Tell us in the comments below!

(h/t PopSugar)