Long before Mandy Moore was making us weep weekly as the Pearson family matriarch on This Is Us, she had us sobbing in theaters as Jamie in the tragic teen romance A Walk To Remember. To celebrate her two most famous tear-jerking roles, Jimmy Fallon challenged Moore to a quiz about some of the most famous lines from both.

During her Monday night appearance on The Tonight Show, Moore was put to the test as Fallon read lines from both the 2002 Nicholas Sparks film and her current hit NBC show, leaving her to guess where each line originated.

The first line Fallon read was the memorable A Walk to Remember line, “You have to promise you won’t fall in love with me.” Moore showed no hesitation identifying it as from the film, which she marveled to the host has “touched people and still continues to in a way that we never ever expected.” The film was based on the 1999 novel by Nicholas Sparks and follows two teenagers from different social circles who fall in love as one of them is dying from a terminal illness.

Fallon went on to read another line from A Walk to Remember, and two from This Is Us. Moore nailed every one of them, even as she barely held back laughter thanks to the talk show host’s dramatic readings.

“I’m slightly flabbergasted that, like, the sort of things in my career that I’m most known for are making people cry,” Moore joked to Fallon before he began his quiz. “I never would have guessed that in a million years.”

Moore will resume her tear-jerking ways when This Is Us returns for season 3 on Tuesday, September 25, at 9pm ET on NBC.

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(photos via Warner Bros/Getty Images + Andrew Lipovsky/NBC + Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for NBC)