Spring has just about sprung and we’re starting to gear up for a couple weeks of Easter-filled goodness. Not planning on dying eggs this year? Why not take those skills to something a little more year-round and making these springy marbleized planters? All you need is water, spray paint, and planters!

 – 1 can of lime green spray paint

– 1 can of raspberry spray paint

– 1 can of light pink spray paint

– plastic gloves

– white vases or white paper cups

– 1 spray-paint ready tub filled with 5” of water that you don’t mind getting a little spray paint on

– optional filling: potted wheat grass or kitty grass, small Easter eggs

Make sure all your supplies are handy. If you are concerned about ruining your manicure or any rings, you’ll definitely want to wear plastic gloves.

Start by spraying the pink paint at one end of your tub. Repeat by spraying the lime green in the middle, and then the raspberry at the far end.

Look at all those springy colors swirling together!

Dip one cup into one end of the tub, almost an inch deep, and roll all sides of the cup through the paint as you move it to the other end of the tub. Lift it out once you have rolled all sides through the paint, this should take about 3 seconds or the paint gets too dry. Repeat with another cup.

After rolling two cups through, lift out the dried paint and apply fresh paint using the same steps as before. Repeat until you have dipped all the cups you want. Let the cups dry for 30 minutes before handling.

We filled our planters with wheat grass and tucked a few mini Easter eggs into the grass.

How cute?!

These are great decorations for around your house, indoors or out. We love the idea of decorating for Easter brunch with lots of these little darlings. (Thanks to photographer Chelsea Mitchell for helping capture this fun DIY tutorial.)

Have you ever marbleized anything? Any tips and tricks we should try? What other DIY basics would you like to see us tackle? Talk to us in the comments below.