We’ve dabbled in our fair share of wall art here at Brit + Co. From shoeboxes to tulle to the love-liest chalkboard clock around, we’re always looking for the next good hack on decorating our space. Today’s collection of wall art is part of our DIY Basics series and each piece takes less than 10 minutes to make. Win!

 – canvas

– gold spray paint

– 3 colors of spray paint

– string

– painter’s tape

– chevron stencil (printable here)

– lace washi tape

We used new canvases for this project but you could also definitely use old ones that you want to cover up.

First thing to do is spray paint each of your canvases gold. If they weren’t blank to begin with, you might need to do 2 coats. You always want to spray paint outside or in a really well-ventilated space.

1. Ombre String Pattern

For this first piece, we wrapped string around a canvas to create a pattern. Simply wrap and tape on the back of the canvas to keep string in place.

Spray in an ombre pattern if you’re as ombre-obsessed as we are.

Unwrap! How pretty does that string look? We love how the pattern fades in and out throughout the piece.

2. Gold Sunburst

Take your painter’s tape and start in one corner of the canvas. Create a sunburst shape like the one you see and spray paint! Let dry for 15 minutes and then peel.

This makes us think of a super graphic sunrise.

3. Washi Lace

Did you know that washi tape also comes in lace patterns? And those patterns work as stencils? Seriously. Create a bunch of lace stripes, spray paint, and peel off the tape. The patterns aren’t perfect but we love the look.

And how great does this piece look next to the sunburst?

4. Chevron Stencil

We created a stencil for this one (print it here) because we can’t get enough of chevron in every form (maybe except gas?). Cut out your stencil with an exact knife and tape onto your canvas. Spray one stripe and then move your stencil over and repeat with a different color.

We’re definitely digging the graffiti-esque look of this one.

By now, your workspace probably looks something like this :)

We decided to hang our collection up on our rooftop because it’s been such a beautiful spring in SF!

What are your favorite hacks on art for your home? Talk to us in the comments below.