We’re always on the hunt for the perfect coffee table. It’s one of those staple pieces that can completely transform a room, bring it together, and bonus points if it makes you a little more organized as well.

Thanks to quirky tables and beautiful ones, the days of using a plastic bin covered with a tapestry are happily behind us. And this latest find has us swooning like what! Meet Marc, a coffee table and magazine rack in one.

Designed by the industrial design team at Quattria, this beautiful piece is all about functionality, simplicity, and just plain good design.

The glass top glides easily over the top of the table, making it an easy fit for any room. Hang one magazine from the rack, or pile it up and hang 10. No matter what you do, it’s impossible to make this table look cluttered. You can even hang magazines from the side!

Currently available in red, black, and white for $430 a pop, this table is definitely an investment piece, and it will quickly put your current folding-stool-pretending-to-be-a-table to shame.

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