Thanks to the power of crowdfunding, we’ve gotten to see a lot of pretty damn cool inventions come to life, like the Knix 8-in-1 Evolution Bra and or even this odd butter spray contraption. All in all, there’s a treasure trove of campaigns on crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter that you can back, but it can get overwhelming sorting through the mix. So we’ll do it for you! Here’s our list of innovative new Kickstarter projects to back for March 2016. Check out the goods below.


1. Sleep Shepherd Blue: This headband looks like a fun winter accessory — but it actually has conductive fabric electroencephalograph (EEG) sensors. With these sensors, it tracks your sleep activity and sleep states, and a companion app gives you the kind of information you can normally only get if you take part in a sleep study. If you start to wake up in the middle of the night, it uses tones to actually lull you back to sleep. It even has an alarm clock system using “binaural beats” and EEG signals to gently wake you up in the morning. So you won’t wake up in a panic — instead, you’ll wake up gradually and feeling refreshed. And the data it collects can be used over time to actually improve your sleep. (This could be sort of life-changing, and it sounds absolutely AMAZING.) The $100 rewards have gone so quickly that now, you need about $200 to jump in — but it could be well worth the investment.


2. The Mighty: This teeny audio player is like an iPod Shuffle, but for streaming! Plus, it has a 4GB hard drive. All you need is Bluetooth connection to sync your playlists initially, and then you’re out the door. Spend $79, and you’re in the portable streaming club.


3. Kirrin Finch Button Up Shirt: This sleek, professional button-up shirt works for many female bodies. Made and designed in NYC, you no longer need to borrow from the fellas or worry about your shirt bunching in the wrong places with these menswear-inspired — but made for women’s bodies — button ups. Spend $50, and you get the perfect business casual, gender neutral and universally flattering top you could ever hope for. Dress it up or down as you please!


4. World’s Best Travel Jeans: Look cool and stay comfortable while traveling, and arrive dressed to hit the town — instead of in your airport sweats. These jeans comes in three styles, and they work for men and women. Aviator USA has made a stretch denim pant that fits your passport and travel documents in the front pockets easily. The back pockets are “pickpocket proof” too, and the dark wash looks sophisticated. Jump in for about $100, and they’ll be yours.


5. Sweateralls: Comfy, stylish and perfect for active adults, these overalls made of fleece sweatshirt material are pretty much everything you could hope for in an outfit. And you can still get in for only $50! Dress them up or down, and support fair wages and local production in Los Angeles. Get into it and cozy up!


6. KP Duffle: The ultimate travel duffel for on-the-go adventurers, the KP Duffle has all the space you need. It’s a minimalist, angular design that has awesome outside pockets for must-have items, like your smartphone and travel water bottle. There’s also a super organized “utility hatch” and a shoe pocket for your favorite kicks. You’re looking at $170 for one of the only bags you’ll ever need, built to last. Weekend getaways, here you come.


7. Unicorn Poop Stuffed Scarves: If unicorns, rainbows and scarves with a sense of humor are your thing, meet these Unicorn Poop Stuffed Scarves. Cartoon unicorns are the inspiration for these bright, colorful, whimsical scarves. Stuffed animals double as fun decor and scarf holders, for about $50. In case you’re less about cute mystical creatures and more about the adorably macabre, there’s zombie entrails stuffed scarves too.


8. What? Watch Calendar Watch: Need help keeping up with your to-do list and #goals? This watch syncs with your favorite digital calendars for comprehensive time-keeping. The display shows strategically dark and light sections to indicate booked appointments on your schedule, and keeps you from being buried in your smartphone (or at the mercy of its battery life every day). About $265 will elevate the entire concept of the wristwatch in your life, and it’s available in three colors.


9. Vetta Capsule Clothing Collection: This clothing collection is responsible, sustainable fashion with a distinctive French-chic sensibility. These collections are made of five pieces, which can be mixed and matched to create 30 different outfits. They’re made in the US in ethical factories, from high-quality, hand-selected fabrics. Vetta created a Kickstarter to reach their minimum production goals, set for release this summer. Pledge $59 and up for individual pieces, or jump to $425 for a brand new #capsulewardrobe.


10. Smart Parka: This is “the world’s first complete winter coat.” Funded at nearly onemillion dollars, this is already a brilliant Kickstarter success story. This is the first coat that includes all the relevant winter accessories — your gloves, scarf and hat — built-in, so you never forget them. The gloves are 100 percent leather, smartphone screen compatible, waterproof, warm and lightweight. Their jacket “extension” lets you basically add another coat for really harsh, cold days. Special interior pockets hold phones, tablets and keys. It’s waterproof, lightweight, and super warm — brought to Kickstarter after nearly 200 days of product testing. They’re calling it the last winter coat you’ll ever need, and they might be right. It’ll take $300 or more to get in on the action now, but they will retail at hundreds more, so Kickstarter = #stealthisdeal.

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