Sometimes, you just want to lounge around in pretty, lacy and kind of impractical-for-everyday lingerie 鈥 and there鈥檚 totally a time and place for that. But most days, when you鈥檙e juggling meetings, deadlines and after-work kickboxing, you simply don鈥檛 have time for uncomfortable undies. Brooklyn-based underwear company Knix Wear is dedicated to creating no-frills, all-function underclothes, like their undetectable seamless boy shorts, high-performance sweatbands and more. Recently, the brand turned their attention to designing the most versatile bra the world has ever seen. They created the 8-in-1 Evolution Bra and even started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their cause.


This is the everyday bra you鈥檝e been waiting for 鈥 no ifs, ands or buts about it. First of all, it鈥檚 wireless, so there鈥檚 none of that uncomfortable metal digging into your ribcage. Secondly, its made with a custom, sweat-wicking and stretchy fabric that will mold to your shape 鈥 up to size 38E 鈥 so it鈥檚 invisible under your clothing. Plus, the material uses Knix鈥檚 patented Fresh Fix technology, which uses silver threads to eliminate odors (since the average woman only washes her bra about once a month).


The best part, though, is that the bra can be worn in eight different ways. It鈥檚 fully reversible and comes with two sets of straps, so you can switch up all the ways you wear it. Also, since it鈥檚 so versatile, this bra can go from work to gym to play. The best part? It鈥檚 machine washable, so you no longer have to hand wash your delicates. There鈥檚 nothing delicate about it!

Yup. Dreams do come true.

Check out their video below.

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(Photos via @knixwear)