Fame has its upsides: vacations that take place on yachts, always hanging in the VIP lounge, chilling in massive mansions. The major downside: all those stealthy paparazzi. Whether they catch a celeb mid-bite or making out with a dude on a beach (ahem, Taylor Swift), it can be a little bit unflattering. Australian beauty Margot Robbie recently fell victim to one of these kinds of snaps while on vacay in Hawaii. But never one to shy away from an embarrassing moment (remember that pic she shared of her as a Harry Potter-obsessed teen?), Margot chose to not only deal with the pic, she also shared it on her Instagram.

Margot posted this epic wipeout shot and captioned the photo,”Photo cred to the creepy pap hiding in the bushes. Thanks for always catching me at my best angles #blessed.” LOL. What a good sport. Your Blue Crush moment will come soon enough, Margot.

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(Photo via Getty)