Sometimes (often?) work, family and more of life’s variables can get in the way of checking in on your health with your doctor. A new digital clinic for women agrees that yes, all women can be busy, but they should never be pushing off essentials like an annual checkup or even a minor cough. So they are bringing the health care to you via video appointment. It’s finally time to back away from WebMD for good.


Maven is a digital clinic for women that fits with your life. Because, as the clinic’s site says, “You have ten places to be, and a waiting room isn’t one of them.” Through the iOS app patients are able to instantly book video appointments with an OB/GYN, pediatrician, nurse practitioner, mental health provider, physical therapist, nutritionist, lactation consultant or doula. With consultations starting at just $18 (no co-pay here!), you’re able to get real health and wellness advice you want and need from highly vetted practitioners. The days of terrifying self-diagnosing from a Google search are now over.


Since this new form of health care is still growing, services vary. Currently nationwide aid consists of breastfeeding support + infant care, nutrition support + weight loss and private birth education classes + postpartum support. Other assistance — fertility counseling, prenatal support, children’s health services and primary care services with prescription capability — is only available in the northeast at the moment. In addition to all those busy gal-friendly services, Maven also offers education-only appointments, which allow patients to remain anonymous but still get answers about troublesome activity they may have engaged in over the weekend. No judgement — we’ve all had our embarrassing nights.


It’s finally time to say goodbye to that stale waiting room and use this clinic at your fingertips. Now, if only we could get the men in our lives a similar service.

Will you use Maven, the digital clinic for women, instead of sitting in a waiting room for answers? Let us know in the comments.