We get it. On cheat days, you just want to indulge — really indulge — with no judgment. A classic sweet + savory combo for those days is fries and a shake, but McDonald’s Japan has just taken that guilty pleasure to a whole other level with dessert fries. It’s not the first time Japanese fast food franchises got creative with their creations. After all, Burger King Japan served a black bun Whopper for Halloween. And you thought Mickey D’s announcing their sweet potato fries was ground breaking? Wait till you hear this. Introducing the McChoco Potato, a basket of fries covered in drizzled chocolate.

mg_choco_fries_comp (1)

According to McDonald’s, the cacao + white chocolate combo creates a “wonderful salty and sweet harmonious taste,” which we imagine is similar to dipping fries in your chocolate shake. (If you haven’t been doing that fast food hack, you’ve been missing out!) McChoco fries are available for only a limited time in Japan, and there’s no word about whether they will ever make an appearance on US menus. But if you’re in that part of the world any time soon, you’ll see these dessert fries on menus at participating McDonald’s locations starting January 26.

We definitely identify with the craving for sweet-and-salty treats, and in case you’re really craving this combo, it’s always possible for you to DIY it at home :)

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(Photos via McDonald’s News)