Whether thick, thin or crinkle-cut, French fries have always served as a loyal side dish, easing our hanger pangs at our greatest hour of need. But the lifelong bestie of the McBurger is also the enemy of some health nuts because of its less-than-stellar nutritional reputation. Fortunately, there might be an alternative to make your next fry run to the Golden Arches feel like less of a guilt trip. McDonald’s is now offering sweet potato fries in select locations — and maybe even beyond.


The fast food giant confirmed to Eater that it is testing and “gathering valuable customer feedback” on sweet potato fries in Amarillo, Texas locations where “Create Your Taste” menus are offered. Although the trial run is not a guarantee that the sweet and savory sticks will expand beyond the Texas Panhandle into chains nationwide, the odds are ever in our favor, because a similar concept test eventually led to the all-day breakfast concept that we already can’t live without.

McDonald’s is likely stepping up to the plate with this new offering to meet the growing consumer demand for healthy foods. The restaurant has already been testing avocado toast and organic beef burgers in Australia and Germany. While it remains unclear whether the orange variant of the fries is measurably healthier than the traditional fries, healthy-savvy fry kids can still be heartened by the many nutritional benefits of sweet potatoes, including high potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C.

If you’re in the Texas Panhandle, hurry over to a participating McDonald’s and order up some sweet potato fries for the price of around $2.49(16 oz size). With any luck, the tubular treats might find their way to the rest of us soon so that we can get our Thanksgiving sweet potato fix year-round.

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(h/t: Food Beast; Photo via Getty)