If you’re assuming waterproof mascara and sunscreen are the only beauty tools you need in your warm weather arsenal, think again. Lorde is the latest celeb to announce that she is collaborating with MAC Cosmetics for a limited-edition collection due this summer. This just might be the first year you rock goth lips while BBQ-ing.

Lorde already works with MAC senior artist Amber Dreadon, who created the beauty looks for the “Royals” crooner’s tour (her tour face chart is above!). They haven’t released any sneak peeks of the products just yet, but we decided to use our imagination to dream up what we might see from the 17-year-old singer:

1. Black Liquid Liner: The collection won’t be complete without a liquid liner that lets you perfect one of Lorde’s signature looks.

2. Cat Eye Eyeshadow Collage: You’ll be royal soon enough with an eyeshadow palette that lets you shade a smokey eye with dark shadows or bruised hues.

3. White, Shimmery Shadow: A creamy white will pop against the moody hues that are bound to be the focus of the collection. You’ll need a day off from your trusty cat eye now and then… or a way to accentuate it.

4. Dark Lip Looks: Duh, right? We know makeup by Lorde will include dramatic lip dressing so we’ll be puckered up and ready for vampy shades. There might be a lip gloss or two to appeal to her younger fans.

5. Red Lipstick: Sure, she usually gravitate towards a more gothic color, but Lorde has been spending a lot of time with new gal pal Taylor Swift, so…

6. Bright Purple Lipstick?! It is summer after all!

What pieces do you think will be in Lorde’s MAC makeup line?

(h/t: The Cut)