If we told you that you could spend an afternoon in a bona fide mermaid hideout, reclining back and swishing your tail from side to side while chowing down on an array of blue, purple, and pink-hued treats, would you do it? If, like any sane human being, you answered yes, it’s time to book a flight to Pathum Thani, Thailand. Mermaid Island Cafe is the ultimate destination for lovers of all things mermaid, from mermaid toast to mermaid cakes. Seriously: You walk in the door and are literally given a tail to wear over your clothes. Now THAT’S commitment to the aquatic lifestyle.

There are plenty of places in the cafe to lie around and admire the surroundings. Talk about an ambience.

And as if the decor wasn’t beautiful enough in and of itself, you should see THE FOOD. Every mermaid-themed food trend you’ve ever seen comes to life in this *delightful* place. It’s almost too pretty to eat.

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Cute and yum and cute and yum!!!

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Drop the DIY mermaid toast. We’ll see you in Thailand.

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