Unicorn toast is pretty amazing, but the latest trend to take over Instagram is — wait for it — MERMAID TOAST. Not to be confused with mermaid cakes, mermaid toast takes all the things you love about the mermaid trend (think blue and purple tones, golden stars, glitter, and ombre) and puts them on a healthy piece of toast. In fact, the snack is generally super nutritious… you achieve its mermaid-y look by mixing blue green algae powder with almond milk cream cheese. We are totally in love with this trend, and Instagram has our back. Here are 11 of our favorite pics.

1. Under the Sea: This right here is quintessential mermaid toast. From the ombre-esque green and white spread to the golden flakes on top, everything about this toast screams mermaid.

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2. Golden Shimmer: What, you ask, gives mermaid toast its golden shimmer? They’re glittery sprinkles of Gold Gourm Edible Golden Flakes ($35). If you want to use something you’ve already got at home and you’re okay with skimping on the shimmer factor, some Corn Flakes (you know, the breakfast cereal) should do the trick.

3. Color Palette on Point: It’s not just green hues that look fabulous on mermaid toast. As you can tell, purples, pinks, blues, and creams all look fab as well.

4. Sea Green: This mermaid toast features the perfect embodiment of sea green. Throw it back to your Crayola days and feast your eyes on this playful meal.

5. Ocean Tones: When it comes to your color scheme, blue green algae will naturally create a super ocean-like vibe, so you don’t have to worry about much. Case in point: this beautiful creation.

6. Mythical Creatures + Toast: So, is this unicorn toast or mermaid toast? We can see aspects of BOTH these trends in this colorful snack, and frankly, we’re *loving* it.

7. Seeing Stars: You can make ANY toast into mermaid toast by simply adding stars. They’re a nod to starfish, obviously, and you can make them out of all manner of fruits or cheeses.

8. Sea Shell: Grab an English muffin or some other round version of toast to create this sea shell-inspired breakfast. Just be sure to use upward strokes on your spread to create the look.

9. Purple and Green: You don’t have to choose between purple (that is, grape jam and cream cheese) and green tones. This mermaid toast offers the best of both worlds.

10. Snacks for Mermaids: You also don’t have to limit yourself to bread. Make mermaid toast with crackers of all kinds — like these, for example.

11. Gentle Waves: One last classic creation for you. This mermaid toast is the embodiment of gentle ocean waves, cascading in shades of sea foam and light blue.

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