If you thought unicorn cakes were the stuff of dreams, you鈥檙e going to *love* Instagram鈥檚 latest obsession: Mermaid cakes. Sure, we loved the concept of mermaid pasta. But these cakes are taking our under-the-sea fandom to a whole new level. The thing is, mermaids are totally beloved by both kids AND adults, so whether you鈥檙e planning your kid鈥檚 birthday or your own, these pictures are going to give you all the inspiration you need. Here are 11 of our absolute favorites.

1. Color Scale: We absolutely love how the 鈥渟cales鈥 on this cake compliment each other in hue. Even better are the color-coordinated shells atop the cake.

2. Mermaids, Mermaids Everywhere: Can鈥檛 decide on just one mermaid treat? No problem. Throw an entire mermaid-themed bash with cupcakes, cakes, and cake pops, as shown here.

3. Tall Tail: This cake is ENTIRELY shaped like a mermaid鈥檚 tail. And it鈥檚 really, really big! We can鈥檛 get over what a conversation piece this would be at any mermaid-lover鈥檚 birthday bash.

4. Portrait of a Mermaid: This beautiful creation features the face of a smiling mermaid right at the top of the cake. We also love how the color scheme of this cake is reflected in the mermaid鈥檚 hair.

5. Ocean Pearls: This pearl-inspired confection is elegant in color and constituency. Gold and white pearls dot the cake, while an ivory tail gives it a distinct mermaid theme. Bonus points for gorgeous sand-colored shells and starfish.

6. Sea Green: This cake truly reflects the colors of the sea. With sea green, ocean blue, ivory, and pale pink, this color combo will provide a gorgeous focal point for your dessert table.

7. Rainbow Fish: Much like the children鈥檚 book we all loved as kids, this tail features pearlescent shades of purple, green, and blue. We also love the sea creatures that dot the 鈥渙cean floor鈥 surrounding it.

8. Just Splashing Around: With all of its bright colors, this cake has a totally playful vibe. Bonus points for using intricate piping to create waves, oysters, pearls, and anemones around the base of the confection.

9. Straight Up: This no-nonsense cake is all about the basics, and we love it. Imagine this gorgeous cake at a birthday party, baby shower, or bridal shower.

10. Personalized With Fondant: This cake has absolutely stunning color and design, and fondant frosting keeps the entire thing looking supremely elegant. Write the name of the mermaid of honor right in the center.

11. Blue Waves: We love how three different shades of blue come together to form waves around the base of this incredible cake. We also adore the gold-tinged seashells and sea creatures on top.

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