There’s one staple that international beauty experts can all agree needs to be in your beauty cabinet — micellar water. Ever since the word got out stateside about its magical makeup-removing, cleansing, toning, and hydrating powers, brands have been trying to capitalize on the product’s skin-soothing properties. One thing is clear: If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time. Keep reading to find out what skincare experts want you to know about micellar water and why this multitasking solution might come in handy this winter.

1. It’s rinse-free. As NYC dermatologist Julie Russak explained to Refinery 29: “Hard water especially has a high mineral composition, containing heavy metals like iron, copper, zinc, and nickel that can lead to redness and irritation, leaving the skin itchy and inflamed.” The solution? Micellar water’s rinse-free formulas, like the one made by one of Europe’s leading brands, Embryolisse. Brit + Co Pick: Embryolisse Lotion Micellaire ($26)

2. It’s safe for all skin types, but is especially helpful for sensitive, extra-dry, and acne-prone skin. Dermatologist Debra Luftman explained to Elle how the soapless cleanser is a “game-changer,” as gentle as it is effective: “Micelles are attracted to dirt, grime, and oil, and they draw out impurities without drying out your face.” Brit + Co Pick: Bioderma Sensibio H20 ($11)

3. Micellar water multitasks — but be sure to exfoliate.Refinery 29 points out that exfoliation is the one category in which micellar water falls short, even though it works wonders to cleanse, tone, hydrate, and protect. That’s why Luzern incorporates fruit enzymes into their line, yielding a mild, skin-buffing benefit. Brit + Co Pick: Luzern Laboratories La Defense Urban Defense Micellar Cleansing Water($45)

4. Newer products target specific skincare goals, from brightening to hydrating. While the beauty water has been around for over a hundred years, newer products are being tweaked to help you achieve your desired results. Orlane’s luxe blend uses a garden pea extract to brighten skin tone. Brit + Co Pick: Orlane Brightening Micellar Water ($85)

5. It’s gone luxe (but is still effective at every budget). Unless you’re a die-hard skincare snob (and there’s no shame in that), you probs won’t want to shell out a small fortune for a Swiss glacier water- and rose-infused micellar cleansing water. Still, every once in a while it can be nice to splurge, now that luxury skincare lines are giving the French drugstore staple the royal treatment. Brit + Co Pick: Valmont Cleansing and Anti-Aging Micellar Water($140)

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