NBC’s This Is Us has without a doubt been a HUGE hit with critics and fans. Every week its stellar storytelling makes us ugly cry all over ourselves, and it’s even managed to make us even MORE obsessed with Milo Ventimiglia — something we didn’t think was possible for our beloved Jess from Gilmore Girls.

Not only does his This Is Us character Jack Pearson earn mega good-dad points every week, but IRL, Ventimiglia even helps us cope with the emotional rollercoaster of the show. And, okay, fine — it doesn’t hurt that he manages to look really, really good through it all. Remember when he stripped down on Ellen? Yeah. What?! We’re only human!

So yeah, it’s no secret that Ventimiglia is totally a sex symbol — and he totally knows it. When asked about it in a recent interview on SirusXM’s Bevelations, Ventimiglia says it doesn’t make him uncomfortable, and he instead tries to find opportunity to make some good of it.

“I try and represent what men could be,” he says about all eyes being on him. “Which is kind, which is giving, which is not a pushover. Be a good man, contribute to the world instead of taking away from it.”

Then he goes on to detail how he’s really using his sex symbol status to do some on-the-ground work helping men. “Sometimes I’ll be out, and a guy will say, ‘my wife loves you.’ And you can tell there’s a little animosity about how much his wife loves me. And I’ll say to him, ‘get on the phone; let’s call her.’ She needs to know that YOU delivered ME, so the glory goes back to you. You did the good thing for your girl.” LOL! That is… weirdly sweet. One time a friend of mine met one of our favorite musicians by chance, and she went out of her way to ask for an autograph — for me. And Milo’s right, my friend totally got the glory in that situation. That’s basically the same thing, right?

At the end of the interview, the host intuits that Ventimiglia must be “a magnificent lover, very giving.” His reply?

“Yes, I love very deeply.”

RIP to us all.

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(Photo via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty)