Mindy Kaling — one of our ultimate #girlboss crushes — showed up to the Emmys this past Sunday with The Most DIYable Clutch Ever. So in true Brit + Co form, we had to make it.


Designer Edie Parker got a shoutout via Mindy’s Instagram, so we were able to see where this beauty came from. Coming in at nearly $1,800, we have to say, our $20 version is on point and way, WAY more affordable.


Check out the steps below!


– an old clutch

– gold fabric

– black contact paper

– name printout


– cutting mat

– X-ACTO knife

– fabric scissors

– tape

– fabric fusion



1. Measure your clutch and cut out a piece of gold fabric large enough to wrap around the body of the bag.

2. Fold the edges in and adhere them with glue. This will be your hem line.

3. Glue the gold fabric to the outside of the bag. Let it dry.

4. Print out your name or favorite saying. We used Lobster font to replicate the typography on Mindy’s bag.

5. Tape your printout to a piece of black contact paper. Cut out your name with an X-ACTO knife.

6. Peel and stick your name decal onto the bag. (You might want to add a bit of fabric glue.)


Here we go! Choose a gold fabric that will work with the contact paper. You want the letters to stick, after all. Cut the fabric so that it is a tiny bit larger than the clutch. Then create a hem by gluing the edges down.


Apply a liberal amount of fabric fusion to your clutch, then smooth out the fabric on top.


Be sure to cut out any areas where there are clasps or other findings.


To make the decal, print out a name, nickname, phrase or word in the font you like. Then place it on top of your contact paper and cut it out with your X-ACTO knife. Make sure to cut through both the paper and the contact paper! Peel the backing and add your word to the front of the clutch.


Too good!


Put on a little red dress and hit the town.


This DIY is clutch for your #OOTD.


What other Emmy accessories would you like us to make? Share links and ideas in the comments below!

(Photo via@mindykaling)

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Photography: Chris Andre