The Mindy Project鈥榮 sixth 鈥 and final 鈥 season premieres on Hulu on September 12. And while it鈥檚 still unknown whether Mindy Kaling鈥檚 IRL pregnancy will factor into the show, we do know a few things we can expect in the upcoming eps.

Kaling, star/writer Ike Barinholtz, and showrunner Matt Warburton said at the 2017 TCA summer press tour that Chris Messina would reprise his role as Danny in multiple episodes. Other favorites from the show鈥檚 run 鈥 including Adam Pally as Peter, Anders Holm as Casey, and the Duplass brothers as the rival holistic doctors 鈥 will appear too.

Thanks to TCA, we also know that the series will grant Mindy Lahiri her happily ever after 鈥 but Kaling said that won鈥檛 necessarily look like what viewers might expect.

Before TheMindy Project鈥榮 final 10 episodes, we鈥檙e taking a look back at where each of the main characters left off in the season five finale.

Mindy and Ben: Mindy and nurse Ben鈥檚 relationship has been through some pretty dramatic ups and downs, and the season five finale was a rollercoaster in itself. Mindy had previously told him that she didn鈥檛 want to get married, but Ben had already bought a ring (鈥渁 princess-cut blood diamond, her favorite kind鈥) when she said this. Eventually, Mindy learned about the ring from Ben鈥檚 daughter, Lindsay. She confronted him about it and reiterated her stance on marriage, saying she didn鈥檛 believe in it 鈥 though she admitted in her inner monologue that she was lying and just didn鈥檛 want to marry him. Ben found out the truth, of course 鈥 more on that later 鈥 and asked her to be honest with him. So, after a heart to heart with Lindsay, Mindy (dressed in bridal white, natch) proposed to Ben on a subway platform with Lindsay and Leo by her side. All seemed well, but the worried look on her face at the end of the episode suggested she wasn鈥檛 entirely sure about what she had done.

Morgan: Morgan was in the middle of everyone鈥檚 relationships at the end of last season. He found out about the stalled proposal from Ben and felt bad because he thought he was the one who talked Mindy out of her marriage obsession, so he tried to run interference by getting her to change her mind. He also got wrapped up in Colette and Karen鈥檚 engagement 鈥 more on that later too.

Jeremy and Anna: Jeremy finally asked Anna out, and she said yes. But Anna鈥檚 estranged husband was trying to win her back and talked her into meeting him for a drink, which turned into more. Jeremy wasn鈥檛 ready to surrender, though, and at the end of the episode, we saw them on a date at the museum together.

Colette and Karen: Colette proposed to her girlfriend, Karen, by having a men鈥檚 choir invade the morning staff meeting. Karen said yes, but Colette started getting cold feet almost immediately. Things took a turn for the worse when Karen made Colette ask Morgan to move out of their shared apartment. As Colette鈥檚 anxiety spiraled 鈥 culminating in a stealth escape from her own engagement party 鈥 she decided to call off the wedding by having Morgan break up with Karen for her.

Jody: Jody threw an engagement party for his sister, Colette, where all of the episode鈥檚 romantic plots came to a head. Ben learned from Mindy鈥檚 friends and coworkers that she鈥檚 always been obsessed with marriage (鈥淰era Wang has a restraining order against her!鈥); Anna showed up with her estranged husband, who ended up fighting with Jeremy; and Colette ran away from the party 鈥 and her fianc茅e.

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